Top 10 Winter Motorcycle Gloves For Toasty Hands!

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Last updated: 27 November 2022

It’s that time of year again! We’ve passed the period of Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and now he’s nipping at your fingers on the morning commute instead.

But winter motorcycle gloves aren’t just for the daily trip to the office.

If you’ve ever been touring, you’ll know that a decent set of winter motorcycle gloves come in handy at any time of the year.

And it’s not only cold places like Scandinavia or Iceland.

The places that catch us out are wide-open spaces or mountainous regions, which seem to have a climate of their own.

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of summer tours I’ve been on where I’ve had to add layers mid-way through a ride. Swapping summer gloves for winter gloves when the temperature plummets is a very common occurrence.

And as described in the next paragraph, it’s not just your comfort that suffers. It could lead to far more serious consequences.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Beyond Comfort

Of course, we want our hands to stay warm and dry because it’s uncomfortable if they get cold and wet. But having cold and wet hands can actually be dangerous.

Because if you’re riding in conditions that warrant winter motorcycle gloves, chances are you’ll need to be in excellent control of your bike.

And that’s something you can’t do if your hands are so cold that they no longer function without exerting real, physical effort.

Not only this, but cold and wet hands serve as a mental distraction. You end up paying less attention to the conditions in front of you and more time worrying that you can no longer feel your hands.

Your brain is telling your hands to brake or pull in the clutch. But your hands have other ideas.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - guy riding electric harley davidson
Image: Harley Davidson via Unsplash

Winter Motorcycle Gloves For All Budgets

We live in strange times, where the prices of seemingly everything are through the roof, while what we get in return for our hard-earned cash diminishes by the day.

So with this in mind, we made our choices across the spectrum of prices to cater for everybody.

For the purpose of this post, we deemed anything below £99 to be budget. Anything from £100 to £149 is mid-range, and gloves which stray above £150 are considered premium.

Choice Criteria

With so many brands offering so many gloves at so many prices, you and I (as consumers) can afford to be picky.

With this pickiness in mind, all of the gloves on this list offer:

  • Waterproofing (either Gore-Tex or similar) rather than the dubiously termed ‘water-reistant’
  • Hard protection on the knuckles
  • Full-length options for winter riding
  • Offer clear protection (at least CE level 1)

A Note On Price

It’s worth pointing out that with so many products available these days, the most expesnive options don’t always make for the best options.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a pair of £250 gloves must be twice as good as a pair that cost £125. There comes a point where you enter the realm of diminishing returns!

For the purpose of this post, we didn’t really concentrate on price. We merely chose the best options available right now, and split them into price categories for ease. The cheapest gloves cost £90, and the most expensive cost £212.

Top Picks

Richa Cold Protect

Best Budget Winter Motorcycle Gloves:

Richa Cold Protect

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - Richa Arctic Gore-Tex

Best Mid-Range Winter Motorcycle Gloves:

Richa Arctic Gore-Tex

Rev'It Taurus Gore-Tex

Best Premium Winter Motorcycle Gloves:

Rev’It Taurus Gore-Tex

Budget Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Richa Cold Protect Gore-Tex Gloves

At around £90, these little beauties from Richa are joint cheapest in our line-up (the other pair being the Rev’It Stratos GT gloves – below.)

And you should never be too quick to dismiss the more budget brands. For example, we’re big fans of Oxford kit. But when it comes to budget gloves, Richa slams every other competitor in the field.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, these Cold Protect gloves won’t win any prizes for technology or innovation. But they keep your hands dry and warm in the winter months – at a price that won’t break the bank.

It’s actually pretty good to get Gore-Tex in gloves at this price point. Not only are they waterproof, but they’re also breathable to stop you from getting sweaty hands.

And to keep you warm, you’ll find a tr-fleece lining.

For protection, there is PU impact protection on the knuckles, armour inserts at the finger joints, abrasion protection on the pinky and palms, and reinforced Superfabric inserts. They’re also CE-certified.

In our view, these are very good, affordable all-rounders.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - Richa Cold Protect

Richa Cold Protect Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Rev’It Stratos Gore-Tex Winter Motorcycle Gloves

If you were a fan of the old Rev’It Oceanus GTX gloves, you’ll love the new Stratos GTX gloves. The Stratos 2 GTX gloves are also excellent if you can stretch the extra £30-or-so.

On the outside, you’ll find goat skin leather, which is warm, protective, and notoriously comfortable.

The gloves also feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane to protect you from the elements and a Thinsulate, tri-fleece liner to keep your hands cosy and warm.

Protection comes from Seesoft knuckle protection, goat leather palm inserts, EVA protection at the fingers, palms and thumbs, and a PWR shield on the palm to protect against abrasion.

Other nice touches include the night-time reflective detailing on the fingers and the Flock PU visor wipe on the index finger.

Rev'It Stratos

Rev’It Stratos Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Long Gloves

As far as Dainese goes, these gloves are actually pretty well-priced!

Okay, so they don’t feature Gore-Tex, but they do feature a waterproof and breathable D-Dry membrane, and the inner liner is thermal, quilted, and padded for warmth.

Abrasion resistance comes from the reinforced Amica suede palm and Comfortech knuckle protection.

These gloves are incredibly comfortable, too, thanks to the pre-curved fingers and the use of elasticated fabric and inserts.

Nice touches include touch-screen compatible fingers, an integrated visor wipe, reflective detailing for night-time riding, and the choice of long/short cuffs.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - Dainese Tempest D-Dry

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Dainese Scout 2 Gore-Tex Gloves

These Dainese Scout 2 gloves are great value at the moment. With an RRP of around £150, these gloves should have been in the mid-range section. But with a current price tag of under £100, they are excellent value.

As you would expect from premium gloves, they are fully waterproof, have a thermal lining for warmth, and are CE-certified.

Where many winter motorcycle gloves suffer from bulkiness, the Scout 2’s are thick enough to retain heat but thin enough to maintain dexterity.

Hard-wearing leather goatskin makes up the outer shell. Thermal Primasoft padding forms the inner, and an Amica suede palm enhances rider feedback.

Overall, these gloves provide the premium feel that the premium price reflects.

The dual hook-and-cuff adjustment system makes for a comfortable fit around jacket sleeves. And the elasticated inserts ensure a comfortable riding experience.

And then there are other little perks, such as reflective details in the gloves. A visor wipe on the left thumb is an ingenious adornment. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips and pre-curved fingers are also nice touches.

Dainese Scout 2

Dainese Scout 2 Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Mid-Range Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Richa Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves

Our first impression of these gloves is that Richa has done a sterling job of providing a functional and practical design whilst maintaining comfort and style.

The extra effort and expense on Gore-Tex is a welcome addition. And to this day, we are yet to experience any water leakage on soggy days in the saddle.

From a protective standpoint, these winter motorcycle gloves are also equipped with good protective elements. You will find hard protection across the knuckles, thumb, and third and fourth fingers. Similarly, softer protection is incorporated at the palm, wrist, and pinky.

Made from a clever combination of textile and leather, these protective components are found on contact points in case of a tumble. The leather palms are also double-stitched.

The cuff fasteners and Velcro makes these gloves ideal for weather-sealing yourself from the elements. And once on, the internal padding is comfortable.

Considering these gloves are winter-inspired, they aren’t as bulky as many winter motorcycle gloves on the market.

Flexibility and dexterity aren’t a problem. However, the lack of touchscreen-compatible fingertips may be disappointing for some.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - Richa Arctic Gore-Tex

Richa Arctic Gore-Tex Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Alpinestars WR-1 V2 Winter Motorcycle Gloves

As with the Dainese gloves above, these gloves should be around £150. But you can get them currently for around £100 – making them great value if you can get your hands on (or in) a pair.

If protection from the elements is your main priority, you’re well looked after with the WR-1 V2 gloves, thanks to the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, and Primaloft thermal insulation.

Protection comes from a hard knuckle-armour insert, thumb and palm reinforcement panels, and a viscoelastic palm absorber for abrasion resistance.

Nice touches include a bridge across the third and fourth finger to prevent roll, stretch finger joints for comfort and dexterity, and reflective detailing.

Alpinestars WR-1 V2

Alpinestars WR-1 V2 Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Spidi NK-6 H2OUT Gloves

As with the Rev’It gloves above, the NK-6 gloves by Spidi don’t include Gore-Tex. But they do include the proprietary H2OUT membrane, which is waterproof and breathable.

The goat skin leather is flexible, durable, and comfortable. And the 200g of Primaloft with Polar microfleece is insulating and warm.

In terms of protection, you’ll find a variable-density polyurethane shield for shock absorption and a resistant Superfabric to protect against rips and tears.

Other nice touches include touchscreen-compatible fingertips, a rubber visor wipe on the thumb, and reflective detailing.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - Spidi NK-6 H2OUT

Spidi NK-6 H2OUT Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Premium Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Held Air ‘n Dry Gloves

Held have been smart cookies with the Air ‘n Dry gloves. Because the gloves are made up of two distinct chambers.

The first is unlined and perforated, which gives excellent breathability. And the second chamber comprises a Gore-Tex membrane which is 100% waterproof.

The DuPont and kangaroo leather construction ensure a durable and comfortable glove. And comfort is enhanced via a Pique Push Pull lining, elasticated leather panels, and strategic perforations for breathability.

Protection comes from reinforced leather, hard plastic knuckle protection, and Superfabric reinforcements.

The gloves also come with a 5-year warranty – which says a lot about the quality and belief offered by Held!

Held Air 'n Dry

Held Air ‘n Dry Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Rukka R-Star Gore-Tex Winter Motorcycle Gloves

If you like the idea of the dual chambers of the Held gloves above but have more money to spend, check out the R-Star gloves by Rukka.

These also incorporate dual chambers. But unlike the Held gloves, Rukka gives the rider two separate entries to the glove.

In cold weather, enter the glove via the warm chamber – where the extra insulation stretches across the entire hand and offers optimum protection against colder temperatures.

In warmer conditions, enter the glove through the grip chamber – where insulation is limited to the back of the hand and fingers. However, dexterity, breathability, and feel are optimised.

Protection comes from a durable cowhide construction, carbon fibre knuckle protection with leather overlay, and Super-Fabric scaphoid protection in case of a tumble.

Other features include waterproof zip closures, a visor wipe, and a 2-year warranty.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves - Rukka R-Star Gore-Tex

Rukka R-Star Gore-Tex Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Rev’It Taurus Gore-Tex Gloves

As with all Rev’It premium gear, the quality speaks for itself with the Taurus gloves.

These Gore-Tex gloves incorporate PrimaLoft Gold Eco with Grip Control and allow heat and moisture to escape whilst not allowing cold and moisture to seep into the gloves.

Tri-fleece and high-loft fur liners provide superior insulation. And taken together, these gloves offer the best warmth-to-weight ratio available.

Protection comes from the goat leather construction, Cordura 1000D ripstop and Teflon coating, Superfabric hard shell knuckle protection, Seesoft palm slider, and PU-injected fingers and knuckles.

But it doesn’t end there. These premium gloves also cater to comfort, thanks to Temperfoam at the pinky and thumb, stretch panels for increased flexibility, and Goat diamond grip patches on the palm, thumb, middle and ring fingers.

As you might expect, these gloves are touchscreen compatible and come with an integrated visor.

Rev'It Taurus Gore-Tex

Rev’It Taurus Gore-Tex Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Find them here:

Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Buying Guide

Whatever your budget, motorcycle gloves need to fulfil basic needs. So before you buy, ensure you consider the following.

Weather Protection & Insulation

For me, weather protection is up there as the most important priority when buying winter gloves.

If my hands are dry, then I can sort out the insulation afterwards, either through heated gloves, heated grips, or liners. Although the best gloves offer both weather protection and insulation.

In an ideal world, go for Gore-Tex gloves. Other alternatives are available, such as Hipora, Drystar, and H2OUT. But Gore-Tex is tried-and-tested – and the brands that use it have to conform to Gore-Tex’s strict set of quality assurances.

Gore-Tex products usually cost more. But in our experience, it’s worth it.

Protection & Armour

Armour tends to get better as you climb the price scale. But at the very least, you want CE Level 1 protection with hard protection across the knuckles.

Ideally, you want gloves that incorporate hard plastic protection across the knuckles, but also offer soft protection at the fingers, and/or reinforced sections on the palm/scaphoid.

Finally, a finger bridge is worth considering. This is where the pinky is connected to the ring finger to prevent it from snapping back in the event of a fall.


You can have the best gloves in the world. But if they don’t fit you right (or they aren’t comfortable), what’s the point?

Gloves should be fitted, but shouldn’t be restrictive. If they are well-insulated (or heated), you shouldn’t need to allow extra space for the accommodation of liners.

It’s also worth considering the seams. Premium gloves tend to incorporate hidden seams to prevent rubbing. Less expensive options don’t always offer this feature.

Also, go for simple options like velcro-fitting straps where possible. Messing around with buckles etc is a pain with gloved hands!

Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Conclusion

When it comes to winter motorcycle gloves, there are some on the market for every need. For some, waterproofing is paramount, whilst heat retention is a priority for others.

Some riders prefer gloves which are thin and nubile, while others aren’t affected by the bulk that comes with insulation, padding and comfort.

Many riders revere protection above all else. Whilst others are happy to compromise on weather-proofing, insulation and protection to find the best all-around winter motorcycle gloves.

Whatever your preference, we’re sure there is a pair of gloves on this list for you!

Top image: Gijs Coolen

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