Top 10 Summer Motorcycle Boots For Women

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Last week, we published our article that looked at some of the best men’s biker boots.

But with women across the globe swinging a leg over the saddle, they form the fastest-growing demographic in the motorcycle market.

And as you would expect, motorcycle clothing brands are replying to the demand, so it only makes sense to publish a post for women as well as men.

woman rider on street bike - Motorcycle Boots For Women
Image: Anastasia Shuraeva

Summer Motorcycle Boots For The Female Form

Women aren’t the same as men – in any way I can think of! So it’s important to look at boots designed specifically for women.

With anatomical differences such as foot shape, width, and calf dimensions, women’s boots generally accommodate a slimmer profile.

At the same time, they need to offer a slightly wider forefoot, a narrower heel, and more flexible calf support – where women can differ significantly.

As such, all of the shoes/boots in this post specifically fit the female form.

female rider on pink street bike
Image: Anastasia Shuraeva

Swapping Out To Summer Motorcycle Boots

As mentioned in my post last week, I absolutely love my Altberg boots. They’re waterproof, comfortable, warm, dependable, and durable.

But I found myself increasingly wanting a summer alternative – not because I’ve fallen out of love with my Altberg’s, but because in certain situations, a lighter, more ventilated boot makes more sense.

Of course, this depends on how and what you do on tour. If your priority is riding when you tour, then a full-length (sports boot) that is ventilated and breathable would undoubtedly suit you best.

But if you’re like me, and like to get off the bike and wander around on foot, then maybe the freedom and versatility of an ankle-height boot would be better. 

So in this post, we’ll look at 10 of the best ladies’ biker boots, including a mixture of sports style and urban footwear.

female rider on street bike - Motorcycle Boots For Women
Image: Anastasia Shuraeva

Alpinestars Stella Faster-3 Summer Motorcycle Boots, £132.99

Alpinestars Stella Faster-3 riding shoes

If you’re a fan of Alpinestars, we like these lightweight road riding shoes with 3D mesh lining.

With an emphasis on weight and ventilation, the 3D mesh lining provides high levels of breathability and airflow. And the compound rubber sole is lightweight for comfort and supportive, thanks to the textured grip and sole rigidity.

The microfibre construction is durable and abrasion-resistant. And from a comfort standpoint, the Stella offers a traditional lace closure system, tongue and collar padding, and an anatomical EVA footbed.

Protection comes from a TPU ankle, TRP slider and heel counter, and dual-density ankle protectors.

All-in-all, these boots offer good protection for the price, are true fitting, comfortable, and look great.

Sidi Ladies Performa Boots, £165.99

Sidi Ladies Performa - Motorcycle Boots For Women

If you’re after a do-it-all boot for road riding and summer touring, these boots from Sidi with shin plate and calf ventilation are a great option.

The upper construct is a Technomicro microfibre. And the fixed shin plate provides lower air channels for increased ventilation and temperature control.

Added to this is a calf area exhaust constructed from soft polyurethane and protected with mesh.

For protection, you’ll find a reinforced toe box for external foot protection and a gear shift pad.

Sidi has also catered for comfort by providing internal and external shaped ankle pads. A nylon inner sole with removable arch support adds further comfort, along with the smooth heel cup.

If you’re a fan of Sidi, these Performa boots are comfortable straight out of the box and loaded with protection.

Forma Ladies Genesis Boots, £139.99

Forma Ladies Genesis shoes

For riders looking for summer ventilation, protection, and comfort, try these urban boots from Forma.

Temperature control comes from the microfibre and textile upper construction and integrated air mesh lining.

The padded tongue and collar enhance comfort. And the soft polymer padding with memory foam on the inside of the boot adds more plushness.

Adding to the comfort is an EVA anti-shock midsole and an antibacterial footbed.

For protection, the Forma Genesis boots include ankle TPU protection, gear shift patch, and double density rubber sole.

If you want a summer boot that is built to last whilst offering great comfort and ventilation in the summer, the Genesis boots are a stirling choice.

Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 V2 Boots, £209.99

Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 V2 - Motorcycle Boots For Women

If you’re a fan of the Alpinestars Stella Shoes above but want something more substantial for long tours, you can always opt for the Stella boots instead.

Ventilation comes via the mesh air vents on the shin plate and the breathable textile lining inside.

Alpinestars have used a side entry system for ease of use, complete with elastic-mounted zip for flexibility.

The upper construct is microfibre and incorporates both front and rear bellow zones for comfort and flexibility.

You’ll find a TPU ankle brace, a TPU injected shin guard, a double density ankle protector, and a replaceable toe slider for protection.

If you want some flexibility in your boots, the Stella boots are comfortable and secure, yet pliable enough to comfortably ride in and change gear.

You may need to go up a size with these boots.

Spada Ladies Striders CE Boots, £62.97

Spada Ladies Striders CE

For a more casual look, try these Strider boots from Spada, which are CE certified, ventilated, and waterproof.

The suede skin construction provides protection and comfort. And as mentioned, the boots are CE certified for extra peace of mind.

The lining is formed from a waterproof hipora lining. And added protection comes via a double density ankle insert and a reinforced toe and heel.

With a standard lacing system, the Striders are easy to fasten, comfortable, and look good both on and off the bike.

These boots are great if comfort, style, and longevity are your priorities. And the sizing is true.

Daytona Lady Star Gore-Tex Boots, £368.99

Daytona Lady Star Gore-Tex - Motorcycle Boots For Women

For the shorties out there who want a boost in height (as well as ventilation and weather protection,) check out the Daytona Lady Star Gore-Tex Boots.

These leather biker boots feature an integrated sole which raises the heel by 2.5cm and the toes by 8mm.

A Gore-Tex climatic membrane ensures waterproofing and breathability, whilst the velcro fastener allows adjustment around the calves.

Protection comes from a non-slip sole, a re-inforced gear shift pad, shin protection, and a reinforced plastic inner sole.

Other details include leather-covered zips, anatomically-formed ankle protection, latex foam inserts, and 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors.

Whilst the added boost in height might be welcome when you’re at the bar, the heel can take some getting used to on the bike as it affects the placement of your feet for gear changes.

You may also need to go a size larger than usual.

Sidi Ladies Meta Leather Boots, £99.99

Sidi Ladies Meta Leather shoes

If style and practicality are your things, these breathable nylon mesh Meta boots by Sidi are another great option.

The boots are comfortable and light for everyday use – thanks to a suede leather construction.

And they’re well ventilated, too, due to the high breathability nylon mesh. You’ll find a specifically shaped collar and padding for added comfort and a hook and loop closure system for ease of use.

Another nice touch is the high-visibility reflex PU inserts. All-in-all, these are nice ankle boots with loads of support that look just as good off the bike as they do on it.

If you’re unable to try before you buy, you may need to order a size larger than your regular shoes.

Rev’It Ladies Emerald Leather Boots, £112.49

Rev'It Ladies Emerald Leather - Motorcycle Boots For Women

Unlike many urban boots designed to be unisex, these casual biker boots are designed specifically for women.

The soft yet hard-wearing leather construction is lightweight and cooling on warmer days. And this is enhanced with the polyester lining, which adds comfort and breathability.

Also for comfort are the anatomically shaped ankle armour and the ergonomic footbed. And protection is via the Thermoformed TPU heel cup and toe cap protection.

These are perfect for those who enjoy exploring off the bike and want something less substantial and ventilated.

RST Ladies S1 CE Boots, £99.99

RST Ladies S1 CE

For longer distances, we like the S1 Boots by RST.

These microfibre sports boots are light, comfortable, and provide twin rear exhaust ports for added airflow.

The microfibre is tough and durable, and there is also a gear shift pad for further durability.

The polycarbonate anti-twist midsole provides good ankle protection, as does the TPU heel, ankle and shin protection. There are also integrated toe sliders.

A firm but comfortable fitting is possible thanks to the hook and loop closure system with reinforced zips.

Finally, there is the all-important dual-density sole for added grip and durability.

TCX Street Ace Lady Waterproof Boots, £94.99

TCX Street Ace Lady Waterproof - Motorcycle Boots For Women

As with the Rev’It boots, these boots by TCX are also designed specifically for the female form.

And if you’re after a summer boot that keeps you cool and looks good both on and off the bike, we like these shabby-chic boots from TCX.

The full-grain leather upper provides durability and comfort, and the T-Dry lining gives you waterproofing and protection from the elements.

There are reinforcements at the heel and toe for protection. And there’s also a high wear-resistant rubber sole.

The anatomical footbeds add comfort and are replaceable.

Summer Motorcycle Boots: Conclusion

As you can see, there is a host of summer motorcycle boots out there to cater for everybody.

So whether you’re a road demon with sports style boots, or a wanderer with ankle boots, take your pick and enjoy your ride in the comfort of clean, fresh, cool and ventilated footsies!

Top image: Anastasia Shuraeva


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