We Tested It: RST Pro Series Ventilator-X Trousers (Review)

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As the sun starts to come up later and go to sleep earlier, summer is done for this year.

It’s always a sad time when liners get put back in jackets and pants!

In Motorcycle Tourer HQ, summer textile jackets and pants are making their final appearances in 2021. Including the RST Pro Series Ventilator-X pants worn by Ron.

“These pants are on their third season,” he remarks proudly, pointing to his trusty RST pants.

So we thought we’d do a long-term review to see how they’ve held up.

rst pro series ventilator pants

RST Pro Series Ventilator-X Pants: Overview

Touted as RST’s lightest sport-touring jean, these lightweight textile pants have been designed with the sole purpose of keeping you cool on summer rides.

With a specific focus on ventilation, the RST Pro Series Ventilator-X pants incorporate large K300 mesh panels to promote airflow throughout.

The pants also come equipped with RST’s removable X-Liner – a quilted, thermal inner that offers warmth and waterproofing as and when required.

Price: £129.99

motorcycle pants inner layer

Quality & Durability

The fact that Ron has had these pants for 3 seasons says a lot about the constructive qualities. And he’s a serious rider, too, using his bike for commuting, leisure rides, and touring.

These RST Pro Series Ventilator-X pants have seen three summers, three winters, and over 5,000 touring miles in 30-degree+ heat.

And whilst they have a characterful, ‘experienced’ look about them, the material and stitching are still holding up strong.

Much of this is down to the hardwearing, abrasion-resistant MaxTex outer. The Ballistic textile overlay also supports key impact areas.

On the inside, the RST X-Liner boasts thermal qualities and is bonded with waterproof SinAqua.

Pro Membrane also gives you warmth and waterproofing, and we like how you can keep the liner in your top box to swap and change with the weather.

“The pants as a whole are of good quality. And the inner liner is warm and easily removed for washing.”

rst pro series ventilator tabs and stitching


Asking Ron about the fit, he says he bought his usual size as the pants run true to size.

“Whilst perfect around the waist, they do run a tad long in the leg; although this isn’t an issue with boots.”

Ron wears his RST’s with braces, but there is also plenty of adjustment at the waist for those who would rather forego braces.

The accordion stretch panels also do a good job of personalising fit to individual body shapes.

pants braces and waistband

Armour & Protection

Protection on ventilated gear is always going to be a compromise. More armour tends to mean more weight and less airflow. And that’s not what the RST Pro Series Ventilator-X pants are all about.

The pants come with Level 1 protection at the knees. And there are pockets in the hips where additional hip protection can be added optionally.

Overall, the pants are rated as A (the lowest EN17092 standard.) So whilst they won’t keep you as safe as higher-rated gear, they will keep you cooler in the summer months and do a better job of preventing heat exhaustion.

And in hot climates, you could argue that heat poses a larger risk than a slip.

Ron states, “I had a spill last year where I landed on my hip. Whilst the material was a little scuffed afterwards, the armour did its job and there were no serious injuries.”

rst pro series ventilator ce approved armour

RST Pro Series Ventilator-X: Pockets & Zips

There are pockets galore on these pants which makes them a great option for touring.

On the outside, there are four pockets. And on the inside, there is a secret pocket ideal for storing money or a passport.

Whilst a lover of the pockets, Ron also notes: “I feel the zips could be bigger. For me, they definitely aren’t glove-friendly.”

motorbike pants stitching and logo

Comfort & Ventilation

“They were a little stiff when new. But now they’ve moulded to my shape, I’m very happy with the level of comfort.”

Always a good sign!

With the large K300 mesh panels at the front and rear of the pants, airflow increases with speed which acts to cool you down.

And whilst great in warmer climates, Ron added, “But when the weather gets really hot, they can be just as uncomfortable as any other pants.”

rst pro series ventilator knee armour

Thermal & Waterproof Properties

Whilst riding in the warmer months, you can remove the liner completely and enjoy the cooling properties of the mesh. You might, however, need the thermal liner for autumn and spring.

For the winter months, the waterproofing isn’t a match for the wet and blustery UK weather. You’ll either need dedicated winter trousers or over pants for protection from the rain.

That said, Ron maintains that his pants have never leaked; even when the liner has been out.

rst pro series ventilator pants

RST Pro Series Ventilator-X: Conclusion

As with most mesh-inspired motorcycle gear, these pants really need to be a supplement to your winter riding gear. If the weather is cold, dangerous, and wet, you would be better off with a pair of dedicated winter riding pants.

But for tours in the spring, summer and autumn months where the temperature is amicable, these ventilated pants from RST are a great addition to your riding kit.

In terms of general touring pants, “They’re a good overall choice that I would definitely buy again.”

Kind of says it all!

Motorcycle Tourer Star Rating: RST Pro Series Ventilator-X Pants

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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