We Tested It: RST Aramid Fibre Motorcycle Jeans (Review)

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For me, armoured motorcycle jeans have never been a replacement for dedicated motorcycle pants.

If I had to choose between only ever wearing motorcycle pants or jeans, I would choose pants every day of the week.

But armoured motorcycle jeans do have their uses. And in the right circumstances, I always feel glad that I chose to pack them when touring.

biker and honda africa twin at sunrise - RST Aramid Fibre motorcycle jeans

Do You Need Armoured Motorcycle Jeans?

If you know that you absolutely prefer them to regular motorcycle pants, then yes – they’re the next best thing.

But if they’re to be worn as an occasional alternative to your dedicated bike pants (like I wear mine), then no, they aren’t a necessity.

In the summer, for example, my bike becomes my main method of transportation. My bike is my preferred choice when going to meet friends for dinner or even going to gigs.

And in situations such as these, you don’t want to be mooching around restaurants in your beige BMW-branded desert pants.

Enter armoured riding jeans.

They look casual and can easily pass as regular jeans.

In social situations, they look completely normal when teamed with plain riding boots and a t-shirt or fleece.

And for summer riding or touring, they offer a welcome relief from hot and heavy riding pants.

biker on honda africa twin at sunrise

What To Look For In Riding Jeans

The whole point of armoured motorcycle jeans is to protect you on the bike whilst maintaining a casual look and feel when off it.

When choosing riding jeans, be sure to try them on like you would a regular pair of jeans.

And as with their non-riding counterparts, armoured motorcycle jeans also come in a range of colours, fits, and styles.

RST Aramid Fibre motorcycle jeans

RST Aramid Fibre Motorcycle Jeans: Overview

With an abundance of motorcycle jeans on the market, it can often be difficult to know where to start. RST Aramid fibre motorcycle jeans are of good quality, are reasonably priced, and can be ordered in a range of colours, sizes, and styles.

They come with a decent level of kevlar protection around the seat and knees (compared to some other brands). Additionally, the knee protection is height adjustable.

Mine also have two pockets at the hips which can accommodate additional kevlar armour (sold separately.)

In general, RST offer a good range of styles which include standard, short, and long leg fits. They’re also wide enough at the ankle to fit over most boots.

I don’t wear mine in wet or cold conditions. But they can prove to be invaluable on summer tours when regular riding pants are too hot and heavy.

biker pants - details

RST Aramid Fibre Motorcycle Jeans: Price

In comparison to some other brands, RST motorcycle jeans are reasonably priced. You can expect to pay anywhere between £80 and £170.

Keep an eye out for sales and you can pick them up at a good price.

As with traditional jeans, trends in colours and styles come and go. And that means you can pick up ‘last years styles’ at competitive prices.

Failing that, buy them in winter when stockists are trying to get rid of them in preparation for newer lines.

RST Aramid Fibre motorcycle jeans

Weight & Fit

These jeans weigh in at 825g including armour and a belt. If you’re wondering, a pair of my regular jeans weigh 565g.

This makes the dedicated motorcycle jeans about 260g (or around 46%) heavier than regular jeans.

Regarding fit, I find them to be generally true to size. Mine are a 30” waist and 32” leg. And if I was being picky, I would say they’re slightly larger at the waist and slightly shorter in leg length.

biker pants details - back pocket stitching

RST Aramid Fibre Motorcycle Jeans: Details

  • Durable, casual looking denim
  • Aramid fibre lining for abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced comfort from fixed mesh lining
  • Kevlar knee protection as standard
  • Hip pockets for additional hip protection (sold separately)
  • Two hips pockets and two rear pockets (like standard jeans)
  • Embossed RST detailing on the rear pocket
  • Belt loops
  • Internal fabric hooks for hanging or drying
RST Aramid Fibre motorcycle jeans - boot fit

RST Aramid Fibre Motorcycle Jeans: Conclusion

In general, buying armoured motorcycle jeans can be a bit of a pain.

You need them to fit and you want them to be the right style. But once that’s sorted you need them to do their job and protect you.

Overall, RST Aramid fibre motorcycle jeans come in a range of styles and sizes. They also do a good job of accommodating leg length and providing decent protection.

And all at a competitive price.

Motorcycle Tourer Star Rating: RST Aramid Fibre Motorcycle Jeans

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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