Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots: Real-World Review

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The first time I came across the Richa Slick waterproof motorcycle boots was when writing a post about summer boots. I liked them from the get-go – and as such, they made it to the top spot on my list thanks to a mixture of practicality, comfort, and price.

In fact, I liked them so much that I bought a pair for myself (with my own money) and then bought a pair for my dad at Christmas. And I think it’s a testament to the product when the reviewer buys the product they’ve just reviewed with their hard-earned cash.

Are the Richa Slick waterproof motorcycle boots the best boots in the land? No, they most certainly aren’t. For me (and my dad), they’re secondary to our regular riding boots – which for me are my Altberg’s.

But these Richa’s are perfect to have in the wardrobe for the shorter rides in the warmer months, where full-length boots seem too big, too hot, and too uncomfortable. Will I wear them year-round? Probably not. But I’m glad I have them, and they will undoubtedly prove useful come mid-season.

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - side profile

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Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots: Overview

These boots by Richa are somewhat of a halfway house between full-on summer boots and regular boots.

The fact that they’re waterproof and breathable means they can hold their own in the colder months. But because they’re shorter (like hightop trainers), they give your shins the opportunity to breathe when the temperature rises.

But unlike many other summer boots, their protection is almost as good as winter boots, thanks to their rugged sole, leather and suede outer construction, and reinforced heel/toe pad.

They’re like motorcycle boots – but shorter.

motorbike footware

Construction – 4/5

The first thing that caught my eye about the Richa Slick waterproof motorcycle boots was the build quality. At this price, I wasn’t expecting much. So I was surprised when I opened the box and saw how well-made they were.

The leather and suede outer feel like it’s built to last – and all of the seams are double-stitched for protection and longevity.

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - sole and ventilation

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots: Ventilation – 4.5/5

There are also strategically placed micro-vents on the outside of the foot for insulation and breathable mesh around the ankle and tongue. 

Inside the boots, you’ll find a polyester lining that is comfortable and aids in ventilation.

motorbike footware ventilation

Sole – 5/5

As for the sole, it can only be described as stiff – which some people might find restrictive.

For me, I don’t mind it – I like the stability it provides on the bike whilst preventing vibration through the pegs.

More than this, the single-compound construction with mixed tread pattern gives tonnes of grip – a quality I revere so highly that I won’t even entertain boots that aren’t non-slip.

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - soles

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots: Protection – 4/5

As mentioned above, the protection offered by the Slick’s is better than most summer boots.

As well as the robust leather/suede exterior and tough sole, you’ll find an anti-crush steel shank, an anti-twist moulded nylon midsole and a double-stitched shifting pad.

Waterproofing – 4.5/5

Of the real bonuses of these boots is that they’re waterproof – which is uncommon with this style of boot – particularly at this price.

If you read our post on Top 10 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots, you’ll know that I’m a big GTX fanboy, so I would have preferred it if these boots were Gore-Tex rather than Hipora. But if that was the case, the price would have doubled.

Richa made a good call by opting for Hipora over GTX to keep the price down – especially as they are more of a summer boot.

In my experience, Hipora can be hit-and-miss. I’ve had Hipora products that have worked flawlessly, but I’ve also had products that didn’t protect me from the rain at all.

In the case of the Slick boots, the Hiprora has held up perfectly in wet-weather riding so far.

hipora protection motorbike footware

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots: Closure System – 3/5

The one thing I don’t like about the boots is the joint lace and velcro system. It seems the closure system should be one or the other – but not both.

A more fitted boot with just a velcro closure would have worked. Or, they could have gotten rid of the velcro and added lace loops further up the tongue. Either would have worked, but instead, we have this weird combination of the two.

As a result, the gapping around the top of the boot and your leg is somewhat ‘baggy’ – something that could have been avoided if Richa had added a few more lacing loops.

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - reflective details
closure system motorbike footware

Nighttime Visibility – 4/5

One feature that doesn’t add to the integrity of the boot (but is still nice to have) is the reflective qualities.

On the rear of the heel is reflective plastic. The micro vents on the sides also house reflective material, as does the Richa logo on the velcro strap.

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - reflective areas sole and closure

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots: Something For You To Consider

If you’re buying the Richa Slick waterproof motorcycle boots as an all-year commuter boot, they’re excellent for the price. And if you’re buying them for a secondary boot to use for spring, summer, and autumn, they’re also worth it for the money.

However, I bought them as a secondary boots to use exclusively in the summer. And in hindsight, I would’ve been better off buying the Richa Escape boots instead – which are exactly the same but made of microfiber & nylon mesh.

Of course, the Escape boots lack the waterproofing quality of Hipora – and I dare say they won’t be as robust as the Slick’s leather and suede construction.

But as a summer boot, the Escape’s provide better ventilation and breathability – which is exactly what you want for summer riding.

Both boots are excellent value for money, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either pair. But the ones you should buy really depend on your intended purposes.

motorbike footware side profile

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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