We Tested It: Pinlock Earplugs (Long-Term Review)

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I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet at the moment about protecting my ears when riding.

For quite a few years, I didn’t even consider earplugs.

Then for a few years after that, I considered them (and intended to wear them) but never seemed to get around to it.

Recently though, I made a conscious effort to start wearing plugs every time I got on my bike.

So at the start of this year, I bought a set of earplugs by Pinlock. And these promised to block out bad noises whilst letting good noises seep through.


pinlock earplugs in foliage

Do You Need Earplugs On A Motorcycle?

In a word, yes.

As a rider, you’ll know how loud your engine can be when you open the throttle. And if you’ve slapped on a sexy after-market can, you can add a few more decibels into the mix.

Then there’s the wind noise.

And then there are environmental noises to take into consideration. These could include traffic noise, sirens, and whatever else comes your way.

The worst thing is, you don’t have to expose your ears to these high levels of noise for too long for damage to occur.

And to rub salt into the wound, this damage is irreparable.

Science can fix a lot of things. But unfortunately, it can’t yet bring back your hearing. So as a rider, the protection of your hearing should be right up there with helmets, gloves, and boots.

polysterene case for ear plugs

So, Why Did I Go For Pinlock Earplugs?

One of the reasons I chose Pinlock earplugs was because they are filtered. I’ve tried squidgy earplugs in the past and found they block out too much noise.

Secondly, I found that the squidgy ones wouldn’t always stay in. And even when they did, they would often wriggle free whilst I was riding, and I’d end up with one quiet ear and one loud one!

The Pinlock earplugs seem to mitigate both of these issues.

How Do Pinlock Earplugs Work?

First of all, they are filtered. And through the use of some clever technology, this allows them to filter out certain frequencies whilst allowing others to pass through.

In other words, they quieten down the noises that will harm you whilst allowing voice frequencies to pass through. And this means you can hear your intercom or your sat nav.

According to Pinlock, these earplugs reduce wind noise by a CE certified 24dB. And that’s a decent amount of protection.

If you’re a touring rider, this can make a hefty difference over the course of a day where you might be covering upwards of 200 miles.

plugs in foliage

How Much Do Pinlock Earplugs Cost?

I purchased mine online for around £17. When you consider that the squidgy ones are often handed out for free, then £17 sounds quite expensive.

But when you look on the other side of the spectrum and see that custom-made earplugs can cost anywhere between £150 and £300, then £17 seems quite reasonable!

With all considered, I think £17 is a fair price.

Are Pinlock Earplugs Comfortable?

I must admit, these earplugs are really comfortable to wear.

As mentioned above, I regularly had issues with the squidgy earplugs either falling out or wriggling free.

And over a day, I often found that I was looking forward to taking them out when I got to my destination.

With the Pinlock earplugs though, I found them to have all-day riding comfort with no irritation or fitting issues.

Part of this is due to the medical-grade silicone these plugs are made from. And it also does a great job of minimising ‘hot ears’ and reducing that feeling of being blocked up.

Another nice touch was that the Pinlock earplugs arrived in two sizes. You get one pair of removable filters (the red bits), but you get two sizes of the silicon parts that go in your ear.

This means you can choose the size that fits you best.

pinlock earplugs reflection in water

What I Didn’t Like About Pinlock Earplugs

No Dedicated Storage

When I opened the package, I was pleased to see the plugs had arrived in a nice, polystyrene box to protect them.

But there was no dedicated box to store the plugs when on the road.

The polystyrene box is a little large to take out with you. So I would have liked a dedicated place to store them when off the bike.

Auritech earplugs supply you with a nice little aluminium tube so you have somewhere to store your plugs when you get off the bike.

NoNoise plugs come in a tube with a keyring so you always have a place to put them. As do the plugs from BikeIt.

So it was a little disappointing that the Pinlock ones didn’t have this feature.

pinlock earplugs case

Removal Takes Practice

Being used to squidgy earplugs, I shoved the Pinlock earplugs in with some purpose when I first tested them.

The problem is, they only a tiny silicone tab for you to pull them back out by!

On the one hand, this is good – because they don’t get caught in your helmet and it’s difficult to pull them out by accident.

But it took me a good few minutes to fish them out after the first time using them as I’d inserted them with the tab at the bottom (in a 6 o’clock position.)

This meant the tab got stuck behind the natural cartilage of my ear. Consequently, it took me a while to get them out.

If you buy a set of these plugs, make sure you insert them in such a way that the tabs are accessible for removal.

ear plugs in garden

Are Pinlock Earplugs Good?

Kind of.

They do, without doubt, allow lower frequencies to pass through the filter whilst blocking harmful frequencies.

And they do, without doubt, make it easier to hear your intercom and your sat nav.

As mentioned, they’re also super comfortable to wear.

However, on faster roads and motorways, I feel they could let in less noise. When I ride with these earplugs on motorways, I always want to stop and put the squidgy ones in.

And that’s what I do.

So for commuting or shorter touring days in the mountains, I wear these Pinlock earplugs.

But for blasting from Manchester to the Eurotunnel on the motorway, I shove a pair of the squidgy plugs in to dampen out more of the noise.

pinlock earplugs on wet glass

Pinlock Earplugs: Conclusion

These earplugs by Pinlock do a reasonable job of blocking out unwanted noise. However, I sometimes feel like they’re not quite blocking out enough unwanted noise.

The promise of blocking out particular frequencies whilst allowing others to pass through is certainly fulfilled. And I was impressed with how well they delivered on that promise.

In terms of fit, I have absolutely no qualms. My ears have never once been overly hot, and the plugs provide all-day riding comfort.

At low speeds, they work great.

But at higher speeds, I feel they could be better.

Motorcycle Tourer Star Rating: Pinlock Earplugs

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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