Motorcycle Touring Rain Gear: Get One Up On The Weather

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Updated May 2022

Motorcycle touring rain gear can be a royal pain in the arse.

And I can say that. Because like most people, I’ve had to go through quite the charade to find a setup that works for me.

I dread to think how much money I’ve spent chasing the best motorcycle touring rain gear!

But for me, it comes down to two choices:

  • Top-of-the-range textiles (and no waterproofs), or,
  • Mid-range textiles (with cheap and cheerful waterproofs)

As with everything else in the motorcycle industry, these two options come with trade-offs.

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motorcycle touring rain gear - royal enfield in rain shower
Image: Eranjan

Motorcycle Touring Rain Gear: Waterproof Textiles

I once went through a period where I got wet every time I went out on my bike. And when I say that, I mean: Every. Single. Time.

It got to the point where I was bored with the whole rainy debacle. So off I went to a local bike clothing outlet to see what options were available for motorcycle touring rain gear.

Typically, it started raining on the way there. So I spent a soggy hour on the motorway before finally squelching my way around the shop with a face like a slapped arse.


Top-Of-The-Range, Darling

I trudged straight past the ‘budget’ waterproof section and made my way to the posh textiles and motorcycle touring rain gear – which in this particular outlet was a dedicated section in the only warm part of the store.

The truth is, I couldn’t afford any of this gear. At one point, I was holding a laminate textile jacket that had a (hidden) price tag. Written on this tag (in small text) was £1,249.

And that didn’t include the pants!

The first problem with Gore-Tex motorcycle touring rain gear is the price. Cheap, they most certainly are not.

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woman wearing motorbike coat
Image: Rizwan Mirel

Motorcycle Touring Rain Gear: Turkey Time

The other problem with these top-of-the-range textiles is the lack of ventilation. You see, laminated textiles are treated with all sorts of technical potions that do, undoubtedly, keep you dry.

But whilst they may stop the rain from getting in, they also stop heat from getting out.

This means you’ll slowly boil to death in your own bodily juices as soon as the weather gets warmer.

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You’ll Still Get Wet

You can live with the above pitfalls in the winter months because all you want is to stay warm and dry.

But as soon as May comes around and the weather becomes a little milder, you’ll start to leave the expensive motorcycle touring rain gear at home because; 1) there’s less chance of rain, and 2) you’re too hot.

And then, as sure as night will follow day, you’ll get caught in a summer rainstorm. And once again, you’ll get pissed wet through whilst your £2,000 waterproof textiles are hanging up at home.

So that brings us to option number two.

motorcycle touring rain gear - bikers in rain shower
Image: Cottonbro

Motorcycle Touring Rain Gear: Cheap & Cheerful Waterproofs

My setup of choice is to pair mid-range textiles with cheap & cheerful waterproofs.

Mid-range motorcycle touring rain gear will keep you dry in ‘normal’ rain showers. I have two sets of textiles; a warm set for winter and a thinner set for milder weather. Both sets do a decent job of keeping me dry.

And whilst they are wet and heavy after being caught in downpours, everything underneath them (including me) remains bone dry.

I also have a two-piece rain suit that weighs nothing and sits at the bottom of my top box. When the rain comes down in biblical proportions, that’s my cue to break out these waterproofs.

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biker and pillion wearing wet weather clothing
Image: Syahdannugraha

Motorcycle Touring Rain Gear: I’ll Admit It’s Inconvenient

If you’ve forked out £2,000 for Gore-Tex motorcycle touring rain gear, there is no need for you to stop when the rain comes down. You simply carry on riding, knowing that you won’t get wet.

But with mid-range textiles, once the rain starts getting heavy, you’ll need to find a place to stop so you can quickly pull on your waterproofs. And this isn’t ideal.

Firstly, you’ll likely be wet by the time you eventually decide to pull over because you kept telling yourself that it would ‘blow over.’

Secondly, you’ll get even wetter whilst you knob around trying to find your waterproofs at the roadside.

Thirdly, you’ll continue to get soaked whilst you go through the irritating rigmarole of trying to get the pants on over your boots (even though you know from experience that you can’t.)

And once you’ve done all that, you’ll get back on your bike, the rain will stop, and you’ll realise you’ve gone through it all for nothing.

Richa Typhoon Rain Overall

motorcycle touring rain gear - richa typhoon rain overall

The Richa Typhoon Rain Overall makes for a lightweight and comfortable rain suit which comes with an integrated carry bag.

The sizing is purposefully ‘oversized’ – meaning if you usually wear a medium, you don’t need to buy an XL to ensure it goes over your riding gear. Just go ahead and buy a medium.

  • Motorcycle touring rain gear; designed to be worn over a suit
  • Fully waterproof PVC construction
  • Provides noticeable wind protection
  • Large knee to neck entry zip
  • Elasticated waist, cuffs and lower leg
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Richa logo and text are reflective

RST Waterproof 1 Piece Suit

rst waterproof 1-piece suit

The RST Waterproof 1 Piece is a high-visibility rain suit with reflective detailing throughout.

And despite the debate on whether hi-viz works or not, it certainly can’t do any harm when it’s dark and rain is bouncing two feet off the tarmac.

Unlike the Richa Typhoon (above), this suit does not come oversized – so you’ll need to buy this suit two sizes up.

  • 100% PVC with PVC backing construction
  • Fixed mesh lining
  • Soft fabric inner collar
  • Elasticated waist and cuffs
  • Front zip closure
  • Outer pockets
  • Reflective detailing to help enhance visibility

Weise Tempest Unlined Oversuit

motorcycle touring rain gear - weis tempest oversuit

The Weise Tempest Unlined Oversuit is an out-and-out rain suit. It comes with very little insulation, and its focus is solely on keeping you dry.

The suit comes with taped and welded seams to keep you protected from the rain, and it has elasticated ankles and wrists, which keep you protected from the driving wind.

As an oversized product, the elasticated waist keeps the material fitted. And a nice little touch is the poppers which allow you to put the suit on quickly without removing your boots.

  • Motorcycle touring rain gear; fully waterproof
  • Taped and welded seams
  • Mesh half lining
  • Full-length ‘off-set’ chest to leg zip
  • Elasticated waist, ankle, and wrists
  • Leg gusset with poppers
  • Reflective tape on the back of the suit
  • Leg pocket
  • YKK zips are used throughout

Held Splash Rain II Suit

held splash 2 suit

With its nylon outer shell and mesh-lined upper body, Held has managed to keep this waterproof suit incredibly streamlined.

Moreover, any excess flappy material is secured by the elasticated waist, ankles, and wrists.

Another positive is the high collar which adds extra comfort and warmth whilst keeping out the wind and rain.

  • Nylon lined arms and legs
  • Mesh-lined upper body
  • Zips located at the ankles
  • Elasticated waist
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors
  • Diagonal zip entry from the collar to the thigh area

Oxford Rainseal All Weather Over Suit

motorcycle touring rain gear - oxford rainseal suit

Another great budget option from Oxford that does exactly what it says on the tin. The suit does a top job thanks to its fully waterproof material and water-resistant seams

It does run a little small, though, so you may need to go up an extra size. It can also be quite hard to get on with boots.

On the plus side, it comes with a dedicated pouch so you can store it away easily when not in use.

  • Waterproof with water-resistant seams
  • Night-time visible reflective detailing
  • Half lined upper body
  • Adjustable cuffs and ankles
  • Elasticated waist for added comfort
  • Motorcycle touring rain gear; folds away into supplied carry pack

Oxford Rainseal All Weather Over Jacket & Pants (2 Piece)

oxford rainseal jacket and pants

As with the one-piece suit above, this 2-piece motorcycle touring rain gear is fully water-resistant with waterproof seams.

In general, both the pants and jacket are a true fit, but the sleeves and legs can be a little short if you have longer limbs.

Other than that, these are competitively priced, quality products for the cash.

– Waterproof with water-resistant seams
– Night-time visible reflective detailing
– Fully lined for extra comfort
– Adjustable cuffs and Velcro waist
– Waterproof with water-resistant seams
– Night-time visible reflective detailing
– Half-lined towards the top
– Adjustable ankles
– Elasticated waist for extra comfort
– Extra-long zip closure

Richa Rain Warrior (2-Piece)

motorcycle touring rain gear - richa rain warrior jacket and pants

Yet more excellent motorcycle touring rain gear from Richa that doesn’t cost the earth.

As with the Oxford’s above, these work exactly how you would expect – thanks to their fully waterproof PVC construction.

The cuffs are elasticated, which helps to negate wind and rain, and it also comes with a mesh bag for storage.

– Motorcycle touring rain gear designed to be worn over a jacket
– Fully waterproof PVC construction
– Provides noticeable wind protection
– Elasticated waist and cuffs
– Lightweight and easy to store
– Comes supplied with a mesh bag
– Richa logo and text is reflective
– Designed to be worn over jeans
– Fully waterproof PVC construction
– Motorcycle touring rain gear provides noticeable wind & rain protection
– Elasticated waist and leg openings
– Lightweight and easy to store
– Comes supplied with a mesh bag
– Richa logo and text is reflective

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