Motorcycle Cooling Vests: Tour Comfortably This Summer!

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First I was banging on about mesh jackets. Then hydration packs. Then summer base layers. And now motorcycle cooling vests!

I think it’s become an obsession.

In all seriousness though, I found over the years that temperature regulation is one of the cornerstones of comfort.

Whether I’m running, cycling, hiking, or on my motorbike, I’m always outside.

And this means I’m constantly battling the elements.

But whilst we all keep up-to-date with keeping warm in the winter months, keeping cool in the hotter months is just as important.

motorcycle cooling vests
Keeping cool in summer is just as important as keeping warm in winter

A Cooling Vest For Riding?

Yes! Motorcycle cooling vests are garments that soak up water which then evaporates over time.

And as the water evaporates, it takes away excess body heat with it.

They aren’t hugely popular over here in the UK – simply because we don’t really have those hot summers to warrant them.

But if you’re planning on touring abroad this year, I recommend getting one. They take up very little room and are easy to store in your top box.

macna cool wear
Motorcycle cooling vest are small, light, comfortable, and compact. (Image via Macna)

What Are Hyperkewl Motorcycle Cooling Vests?

As mentioned above, motorcycle cooling vests work through evaporative cooling – a technology designed and trademarked by Hyperkewl.

Hyperkewl vests feature a fabric that absorbs water through soaking. They then release this water through evaporation.

This process protects the wearer from the many dangers of heat stress.

evaporative technology - motorcycle cooling vests
Evaporative technology by Hyperkewl

1. Alpinestars Cooling Vest, Approx. £150

These Alpinestars motorcycle cooling vests feature a cooling system that releases moisture during those hot rides. And as a result of temperature regulation, they reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and fatigue whilst in the saddle.

With their anatomical fit, these motorcycle cooling vests are comfortable to wear. They also include stretch inserts for added comfort, and ventilation ports for breathability and ventilation.

They’re lightweight and the chambers are refillable – so you can top them up throughout the day.

Finally, the 3-layer textile liner is moisture-wicking, and the vests feature antibacterial properties.

alpinestars vest
Cooling vest by Alpinestars. (Image via GhostBikes)

2. Fly Racing Cooling Vest, Approx. £30

Fly Racing has been developing high-quality apparel for over 20 years, so they’ve pretty much got it down when it comes to products.

These particular motorcycle cooling vests are ready to go after 2-minutes of soaking. And they boast one of the longest water-holding times on the market.

As mentioned in the introduction, these vests features an evaporative cooling system that evaporates the stored water over time. For those long days in the saddle, these vests are also refillable.

We also like the feel and fit of these vests. They’re lightweight and roll up nice and small when not in use.

fly racing motorcycle cooling vests
Fly Racing cooling vest. (Image via Plastivill)

3. Harley-Davidson Cooling Vest, Approx. £73

These vests by Harley-Davidson regulate your body temperature whilst riding by using the process of evaporation.

The liner absorbs water during 2 minutes of soaking. And the water then evaporates in higher temperatures giving users a cooling effect.

They’re made of 100% nylon which means they’re light, compact, and comfortable. The inner is made up of Hyerkewl fabric, and there are stretch side panels for further comfort.

Mesh panels on the shoulders and chest provide extra cooling and ventilation.

harley davidson vest
Harley-Davidson cooling vest. (Image via Harley-Davidson)

4. Rev’It Cooling Vest, Approx. £80

Rev’It liquid cooling vests are designed specifically for Rev’It jackets. They work best with mesh and other well-ventilated jackets.

The outer is made of stretchy 4-way mesh for comfort and fit. The inner features Hyperkewl technology which releases stored water through the process of evaporation.

When combined with a mesh jacket, the vests will stay active for approximately 6 hours.

rev'it motorcycle cooling vests
Cooling vest by Rev’It. (Image via GhostBikes)

5. Macna Dry Evo Motorcycle Cooling Vest, Approx. £125

Macna Dry motorcycle cooling vests have seen some popularity over the last year or two thanks to their easy use and long cooling time.

A 500ml fill on these vests will give you up to 3 days wearing time.

They feature the same evaporative technology as above and are treated with antibacterial properties.

Simply fill the reservoir at the back, and enjoy up to 3 days of comfort.

macna dry vest
Macna Dry cooling vest. (Image via MotoLegends)

Motorcycle Cooling Vest: Conclusion

Is it easy to justify motorcycle cooling vests for a standard Sunday morning ride in the Lake District?

No, probably not.

But if you have lengthy commutes through London in the height of summer, motorcycle cooling vests do a great job of giving you additional coolness and comfort.

If you’re touring southern Europe or close to the equator this summer, a cooling vest could go a long way to keeping you comfortable, safe, and alert.

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