Top 10 Summer Motorcycle Boots For Men

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my all-weather Altberg motorcycle boots. I had them fitted for my feet at the factory, and in the seven years since buying them, they’ve become anatomically moulded to fit me perfectly.

They’re my favourite bit of riding kit. And whilst helmets, gloves, jackets, and even bikes come and go, my Altberg’s are still ready to go on every ride.

As you can probably tell, I wouldn’t swap them. But over the last year or so, I’ve become increasingly interested in short and urban-style riding boots.

I’m not saying they’re for everybody. Of course, it depends on you’re riding stylewhere you intend to use them, and what you intend to use them for.

Would I use them for crossing continents? Likely not. But what if you’re stopping at one hotel for a week and having shorter rides throughout the week?

Well, in that scenario, I couldn’t think of anything better!

harley-davidson and rider with motorcycle boots
Image: Mike Montgomery

Progression Of Summer Motorcycle Boots

Back in the day, you had two options. You either wore proper bike boots, or you wore trainers. That was it.

And even now, you still see those idiots in shorts and t-shirts, rocking no gloves and styling out a pair of Nike’s.

But summer boots now are protective, waterproof, breathable, and affordable. So whilst there is absolutely NO excuse not to wear motorcycle-inspired footwear, there also isn’t strictly a need to wear your hot and heavy bike boots in the summer, either.

Can we find a happy medium? We reckon so!

rider on bike wet roads
Image: Gijs Coolen

Our Top 10 Summer Motorcycle Boots For Men

In this post, we’ll go through our top 10 choices of summer motorcycle boots for men. If you’re looking for boots for women, a ladies biker boots post will be published a few days after this one.

As mentioned above, we all have different needs from our boots. Some might prefer a more traditional, shin-high boot. But others may be able to justify an ankle-high summer shoe.

So in this post, we’re looking at five of each. And with all of these options available to you right now, there’s absolutely NO excuse to be the knobber wearing flip-flops this summer!

1. Richa Slick Waterproof Boots, £69.99

Richa Slick Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

We’re big fans of Richa and their high-quality (yet affordable) riding gear. And the Slick boots are no exception.

The outers of these casual biker boots are constructed from leather suede and feature a Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane. Heels and toes are also reinforced for extra protection.

You’ll find reflective inserts for night-time riding on the sides, and there’s also a reinforced leather gear change pad.

As always with Richa gear, the boots fit true to size and are comfortable straight out of the box.

From a practical standpoint, we also like the look and feel of these boots as they fit nicely under a pair of jeans and don’t look out of place.

The Richa Slicks lend themselves nicely to commuting but are also great for touring in the warmer months or getting off the bike to explore.

2. Sidi Meta Leather Boots, £98.99

sidi meta leather

If keeping your feet cool is a priority, you can’t go wrong with the Sidi Meta boots.

Constructed from suede leather, they’re comfortable and supportive. But the breathable nylon mesh sides provide excellent airflow and ventilation.

The hook-and-loop closure system is a doddle to use and allows for a comfortable fit. And we particularly like the shaped collar area that allows for greater comfort (like a running shoe.)

The high breathability nylon mesh on the sides also features high visibility reflex PU inserts for night-time riding.

One thing worth noting is that they tend to run a little thin if you have fat feet! If you can’t try them on before buying, go for half a size (or a full size) bigger to accommodate wider feet.

3. TCX Street Ace Waterproof Motorcycle Boots, £94.99

TCX Street Ace Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

If finding something comfortable yet casual is your bag, then these TCX boots might be for you. If you like Converse-style trainers (like I do), the TCX Street Ace boots are definitely for you!

These urban-style leather biker boots are constructed from full-grain leather and suede inserts.

And they’ll keep your feet dry, too, thanks to the waterproof lining on the inside of the boots.

We particularly like the soles on these summer motorcycle boots, which are anatomically designed for comfort. The footbeds are also replaceable.

You’ll also find a high-wear-resistant rubber sole on the bottom of the boots.

As with the Richa Slick boots, these ones by TCX look great under a pair of jeans, making them perfect to wear off the bike or under a pair of jeans.

4. Alpinestars Sektor Microfibre Shoes, £104.49

Alpinestars Sektor Microfibre Shoes

I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts that getting off the bike and walking or hiking play a big part in my tours.

And if you’re the same, these Sektor Microfibre shoes might be perfect for you because they’ve been constructed with optimum walking comfort in mind.

Flex inserts on the heels and insteps provide added support, whilst the EVA footbeds enhance walking comfort.

Made from hard-wearing microfibre, the external upper construction features an external thermoplastic toe protector.

Metallic mesh vents optimise airflow, while the 3D mesh internal lining optimises ventilation – keeping you cool when riding or walking.

All-in-all, these boots scream quality, are true to size, and are great for activities both off the bike.

5. Dainese Dinamica Air Shoes, £132.96

Dainese Dinamica Air Shoes, motorcycle boots

If ventilation is your priority, look no further than the Dinamica Air Shoes by Dainese and their perforated upper panels for optimum ventilation.

The uppers are constructed from microfibre and high tenacity polyamide fabric and feature reflective inserts for night-time riding.

At the front, you’ll find a reinforced rubber tox box. There are also TPU gear shifter guard panels for added protection.

There is a durable rubber sole on the bottom and flexible joints that improve walking comfort.

Where most of the shorter boots on this list feature laces, the Dinamica Air Shoes have a rear-entry zipping system which is very easy to use.

If you can’t try them on before you buy, you may need to go down a size when ordering.

6. RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Waterproof Boots, £132.49

RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Waterproof

These microfibre boots from RST feature a waterproof and breathable construction, plus a breathable membrane for added comfort and coolness.

The microfibre construction provides abrasion resistance, and you’ll also find strong TPU protection on the shins and heels.

We’re a big fan of anti-slip soles on our boots, and the multi-density sole on the Tractech Evo’s is brilliant at providing extra grip.

There is a hard-wearing gear shift protection pad for further protection, a nylon boot shank for enhanced durability, and a replaceable toe slider.

In terms of comfort, the Tractech Evo’s have a hinged ankle to prevent overextension, plus a calf expansion pannel for added comfort and flexibility.

7. TCX Clima Surround Gore-Tex Boots, £256.49

TCX Clima Surround Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

We particularly like these TCX boots for breathability and comfort, thanks to the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable lining on the inside of the boots.

Breathability is also enhanced due to the Cordura abrasion-resistant fabric construction.

For waterproofing, these boots feature Gore-Tex surround technology with a side opening.

Added protection comes from the microinjected gear change patch and the reinforced shin plate and heel counter.

As with the TCX Street Boots above, these Clima Surround boots feature an anatomical and replaceable footbed for added comfort.

8. Forma Hornet Dry Motorcycle Boots, £159.99

Forma Hornet Dry

Forma boots have always been quality, but we particularly like these summer-inspired boots by the Italian brand.

The Drytex lining is waterproof and breathable, and the boots also feature a vented (and replaceable) ankle protection slider.

You’ll also find air ventilation pockets to further the ventilation properties, an air mesh lining, and an anti-bacterial insole.

But it’s not all about the ventilation! These Forma boots feature a double-density anti-slip rubber sole, an ankle support system, and a stainless steel toe slider.

Furthermore, the boots have a plastic gear pad protection pad, incorporated rubber bike frame guards, and injection-moulded plastics for durability, stability, and protection.

9. Sidi Performer Gore-Tex Boots, £197.95

Sidi Performer Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

The price jumps as we get to the Sidi Performer boots, but so does the quality.

The Sidi Performer boots feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner for dryness and ventilation, and they’re also Teflon-mesh lined.

But where these boots shine is in protection. On the outside, these boots are constructed from Technomicro material and feature a replaceable nylon toe slider with internal and outer ankle protective caps.

They’re double-stitched at all high-stress areas and enjoy a fully encapsulated heal cup, a dual compound sole, and a DuPont polymer toe shift pad.

The zip and velcro closure system ensures comfort and security. And the Cambrelle-lined nylon inner sole (with removable arch support pad) improves comfort again.

Overall, these boots are exceptionally comfortable and give outstanding protection whilst breathability and ventilation. 

If you’re unable to try them on in a shop, you may need to go up a size.

10. Dainese Torque 3 Out Air Boots, £295.96

Dainese Torque 3 Out Air

Taking another step up the food chain, we come to the most expensive boots on this list.

The Torque 3 Out boots feature a D-Stone nylon weave fabric and microfibre construction for lightness and breathability.

Ventilation and coolness come from the perforated airflow panels and an air-channelling system with an air gap liner.

For comfort, Dainese offers us a rear zip entry, a speed lacing system, flexible joints for comfortable walking, an inner retention band, and a TPU inner insert.

And for protection, the Torque 3 Out boots feature a durable rubber sole, gear shifter guard, a D-Axial system in TPU (preventing ankle twisting), magnesium inserts on the outer side and heel, and reinforced nylon toe and heel areas.

Summer Motorcycle Boots: Conclusion

With such an assortment of men’s biker boots available from multiple brands and in various styles, there really is something out there for everyone.

Make sure you think about their intended use before buying.

Are they for weekend blasts in the summer? Or for week-long tours? Will they be used for short hikes off the bike or purely for riding?

As long as you know what you’re using them for, summer motorcycle boots are a fantastic option to enjoy comfortable riding in the warmer months.

Top image: Tom Bressolles


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