10 Best Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots (Men’s & Women’s)

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I’m not what you would call a motorcycle snob. I don’t wear the very best kit that money can buy. And I’m not a person who will only swing a leg over a machine embossed with the BMW or Ducati logo.

I’d love to say I only wear Rukka or Klim. But the fact is, I can’t afford to wear either.

And the truth is, we all have to question the best of the best. We need to contemplate the value of ‘Premium’ products – products that offer a barely tangible increase in quality or performance in relation to the additional cost of owing them.

Generally, I find I get better value for money with mid-priced items. Any lower, and the quality lets them down. Any higher, and I’m usually paying for the name or an inconceivable increase in performance.

But with some things, paying that little bit extra is worth it in the long run.

The first of those things is gloves. But we’ll discuss that another day. Because today, I want to go through the second thing that’s worth the additional cash. And that’s Gore-Tex motorcycle boots.

urban rider on motorcycle - gore-tex motorcycle boots
Image: Gijs Coolen

Why Are Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots So Expensive?

Simply put, Gore-Tex products cost more than competitor products because they’re better.

This article from Gear Assistant does a good job of explaining the hows and where for’s. But by partnering with a range of companies, Gore-Tex produces the world’s leading waterproof fabrics.

In fact, they’re so good that Gore-Tex products even come with a lifetime guarantee – such is their confidence. And in a flimsy world where everything breaks (because everything is crap), that’s quite a statement to make.

But if you’re a touring motorcyclist, that kind of statement is the kind that encourages you to pay the little extra. 

It might be hard to swallow at the time. But when you’re in the seventh hour of torrential rain in the Arctic Circle, you’ll concede that buying Gore-Tex motorcycle boots was the best decision you ever made.

rider in black dainese leathers
Image: Jusdevoyage

The 10 Best Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

We live in a world where everyone is different. Some folk won’t set foot out of their door if they’re not wearing full-length (shin-high) motorcycle boots. And I have no problem with that.

Others (such as me) are becoming more and more convinced that shorter summer boots in the warmer months have earned their place as a viable option.

On top of that, more and more women are joining our beloved past-time – finally! And as we learned in this post a few months back, women’s boots are different to men’s due to various anatomical differences.

So in this post, you’ll find a mixture of boots (in no particular order) that accommodate gender, fit, style, and utility.

rider on honda - gore-tex motorcycle boots
Image: Emir Kaan Okutan

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Daytona Road Star Gore-Tex Boots (Men’s)

These touring boots from Daytona feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane – ensuring your feet stay dry and cool on even the wettest of rides.

They also feature a full hydrophobic membrane – so the entire boot repels water.

The boots feature a non-slip rubber sole, a reinforced gear pad, ankle protection, wide shin protection, and a reinforced inner sole for safety and protection.

And they’re comfy, too, thanks to the anatomically formed climatic insole. 

daytona black leather

Daytona Lady Star Gore-Tex Boots (Women’s)

These touring boots by Daytona feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex climatic membrane and a full hydrophobic cowhide construction.

With a nod to shorter riders, the Lady Star boots also boast an integrated insole that lifts the heel by 2.5cm and the toes by 8mm. This allows for flatter feet when at a standstill, and a more comfortable riding position.

They’re also comfortable, thanks to the adjustable velcro fastener to accommodate calf sizes and the anatomically designed ankle protection.

Daytona Lady Star Gore-Tex motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots (Men’s)

These year-round touring boots by Alpinestars feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining. They also boast a water-resistant full-grain oil leather upper.

You’ll find a plastic moulded shin plate for protection and multi-density EVA padding for comfort. 

Other features include an internal support heel and toe counter and a rear reflective insert.

Don’t be disuaded by the fact they’ve been around a while. I know two people on their second pair of these boots because they were so good the first time around.

aplinestars web

Gaerne Black Rose Gore-tex Boots (Women’s)

These boots by Gaerne are perhaps a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Daytona’s but every bit as classy.

The boots feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, and a full-grain leather construction.

Designed with the specific anatomy of women in mind, the boot guarantees a better fit, thanks to the toe and heel fitment and Cordura inserts. 

They look good, too!

gaerne black rose gore-tex motorcycle boots

Sidi Performer Gore-Tex Boots (Men’s)

One of my pet peeves about waterproof equipment is that it often lacks ventilation. But these Sidi boots have front and rear airflow systems to improve ventilation.

The entire boot is constructed from Technomicro material. Additionally, they also feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane.

These Sidi Performer boots also boast many protective features, including toe protection and sliders, protective ankle caps, double stitching in stress areas, and a DuPont polymer shift pad.

sidi performa

TCX Bluma Lady Gore-Tex Boots [TCX X-Five.4 in USA](Women’s)

If you’re after a classic touring boot that is comfortable, waterproof, protective, and designed with women in mind, this option from TCX is worth considering.

The Gore-Tex lining provides waterproofing and breathability, whilst the soft full-grain leather construction repels water and adds durability.

You’ll find malleolus protection at the ankle, a thermo-contoured shin plate, a reinforced heel and toe counter, and a raised heel by 2.7cm.

TCX Bluma Lady Gore-Tex motorcycle Boots

TCX Mood Gore-Tex Boots (Men’s)

If you’re the type of rider who is beginning to favour the lightweight summer boot, perhaps these boots from TCX will swing your fancy.

With their cool, vintage looks, these shorter boots are comfortable both on and off the bike.

If you want a more casual boot, they look great under jeans. But you don’t have to compromise on function, either – thanks to their Gore-Tex liner.

At least you’ll have dry feet when you get to the pub!

tcx mood

Sidi Ladies Gavia Gore-Tex (Women’s)

If you’re a Sidi fan and looking for a touring option, check out these Gavia Gore-Tex boots.

The boots feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, and breathable textile components in the construction.

The internal ankle pad and shift pad aid with protection, and the zip-elastic panels and velcro/zip closure add to comfort.

Sidi Ladies Gavia Gore-Tex motorcycle boots

Klim Outlander Gore-Tex Leather Boots (Men’s)

If you’re tired of heavy touring boots but not quite convinced by summer boots, why not try these excellent alternatives by Klim?

These leather touring boots feature a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane and a moisture-wicking breathable liner and insole.

Their leather construction offers durability. And the TPU reinforced toe and heel caps offer yet more protection.

The BOA quick fastening system is also a doddle to use – even with gloves on.

klim outlander

TCX Lady Climatrek Surround GTX Boots (Women’s)

For the more adventurous, these TCX boots are worth a look if you enjoy exploring off the bike as well as on it.

These all-weather boots feature Gore-Tex surround technology and a Gore-Tex extended comfort waterproof membrane.

Surround technology refers to the ventilation grid and side openings on the outsole that aid with airflow and cooling. And the Groundtrax rubber outsole is great for hiking and walking.

TCX Lady Climatrek Surround Gore-tex motorcycle Boots

10 Best Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots: Conclusion

As mentioned at the head of this post, you don’t want to scrimp on gloves and boots if you’re a touring rider.

Gore-Tex goes a step further than other brands by offering you a lifetime guarantee on the quality and waterproofing of its products.

Does that mean they will never leak? No, of course not. But at least you know you can send them back and either get them repaired, swapped, or refunded.

If you value the comfort of dry feet, spend the extra on Gore-Tex boots! 

Top image: Gijs Coolen

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