We Tested It: Furygan TD12 Summer Motorcycle Gloves (Long-Term Review)

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Like everybody else, I started riding with a pretty sparse collection of riding gear.

Riding lessons are expensive. And when I passed, of course, I had to buy a bike. And then I had to insure it, service it, tax it, and all the other usual stuff to get on the road.

So when it came to buying summer gloves, funds were somewhat thin on the ground.

And it was during my search for reasonably priced summer gloves that I came across these TD12 summer motorcycle gloves from Furygan.

But I liked these affordable gloves so much that I bought a second pair when the first ones wore out.

Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves
I liked these Furygan TD12 summer gloves so much that I bought another pair

Do You Need Summer Motorcycle Gloves?

No, you don’t ‘need’ them in the same way you don’t need a heated jacket or a sat nav.

We buy items such as these because they make our lives easier and more comfortable. They make our riding experience that bit more enjoyable.

And whilst these items may be of small, additional expense, they can really make a difference to your enjoyment on the road.

logo at the wrist
You don’t ‘need’ summer gloves – but these Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves make a big difference to the enjoyment of your ride

What To Look For In Summer Gloves

This will vary from rider to rider. But I’ll summarise what I look for in summer gloves and hopefully, this can act as a starting point for you.

Dedicated Summer Gloves:

For a start, they have to be dedicated summer gloves – not just thinner versions of normal gloves. I’ve tried these in the past and whilst they keep you cooler, they aren’t as effective as gloves that are made for the job.


For me, I only ever go for mesh. There’s something satisfying about feeling the wind on your skin through the gloves as you blast through the Alps in 35-degree heat.

For me, mesh is a prerequisite for summer riding gear.

Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves - logo at the wrist and mesh
For me, mesh is a pre-requisite for summer riding


Summer riding gloves shouldn’t be big and bulky like winter gloves. I prefer them to be shorter and end around the cuff. And I like them to be fitted whilst maintaining dexterity.


Summer gloves aren’t going to be as protective as their winter counterparts. Simply because they’re lighter and thinner.

But you still need adequate protection in case of a fall. For me, this means a comfortable amount of protection on the fingers and knuckles and a layer of protection on the palm.

motorcycle glove on bike
Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves have protection at the knuckles, fingers and palms

Furygan TD12 Summer Motorcycle Gloves: Overview

Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves offer the perfect combination of versatility and temperature control.

Made up of leather and textile components, the mesh keeps you cool while the leather adds durability and protection.

There is a LOT of mesh on these gloves – which does an awesome job of keeping you cool. But it’s also flexible to allow movement whilst adding abrasion protection in the event of a fall.

Speaking of protection, the gloves have a chunky knuckle shell in case of impact. Additionally, they have leather inserts on the palm for further abrasion resistance.

But are they the most protective glove in the world? No – you certainly wouldn’t wear them on a track day!

But for commuting and touring in warmer conditions, they’re absolutely ideal.

Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves on honda africa twin
These Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves have a lot of mesh between the protective elements

Furygan TD12 Summer Motorcycle Gloves: Price

When you consider the price of a lot of summer gloves out there, these Furygan’s come in at £40-£50 depending on where you buy them.

Comparatively, that makes them an absolute bargain!

Weight & Fit

These gloves weigh in at 139g. In terms of fit, it’s worth noting that these gloves only come up to the wrist.

As with most Furygan products, they run quite small and are fitted. I usually wear gloves in size small, and these are on the cusp of being too small.

motorcycle gloves, panniers and helmet
Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves are fitted and come up to the wrist

Furygan TD12 Summer Motorcycle Gloves: Details

  • CE homologated
  • External finger protection
  • Hard external knuckle protection
  • Reinforced double foam layer on the palm
  • Leather sections an impact points
  • Furygan logo silicon patches on fingers and palm for additional grip
  • Furygan logo silicon patches on fingers for smartphone?GPS contact
  • Optimal ventilation through mesh surface area
  • Pre-shaped
  • Ultralightweight, comfortable, and flexible
  • Lycra panels between fingers for optimum fit and comfort
  • Velcro adjuster on the wrist
Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves - detailing
The Furygan TD12 summer motorcycle gloves have little details all over, such as the logo touch screen pads on the fingers

Furygan TD12 Summer Gloves: Conclusion

The Furygan TD12’s are the perfect summer riding gloves. They’re small, ultralightweight, have CE-approved protection, are short-cuffed, and comfortable.

Furthermore, they’re functional, and they look and feel good when they’re on.

As well as this, the mesh fabric does an awesome job of keeping me cool in hot conditions. And I find that makes a massive difference to how much I enjoy my ride.

I’ve used mine on countless summer tours (as well as commuting) and I wouldn’t be without them.

Moreover, would I buy them again? Yes, in a heartbeat!

Motorcycle Tourer Star Rating: Furygan TD12 Motorcycle Gloves

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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