We Tested It: Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 Jacket (Review)

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If you’ve ever been cold and wet on a bike, you’ll know it’s downright miserable.

But riding on a hot day with all the wrong gear can be equally demoralising.

Heat. Agitation. Discomfort. Dehydration. Unventilated.

Not only does it make for a miserable riding experience, but it can also make for an outright dangerous one.

But this is where the Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 motorcycle jacket stands head and shoulders above a regular summer motorcycle jacket.

Continue reading for our Furygan Genesis Mistral jacket review.

Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo summer motorcycle jacket
Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo textile jacket

What Is A Mesh Motorcycle Jacket?

The main purpose of a mesh motorcycle jacket is to keep you cool when riding in hotter climates.

Constructed from porous, textile fabrics, cool air passes through the pores to cool you down as you ride. It also allows sweat (and therefore heat and moisture) to evaporate.

And this keeps you dry and comfortable as well as cool.

It doesn’t sound like much, but believe me when I say it’s a game-changer!

Accordingly, by keeping you cool and comfortable, a summer mesh motorcycle jacket has the power to change a miserable ride into the ride of your life.

summer motorcycle jacket
Mesh panels on the Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 jacket

Are Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Safe?

By and large, yes.

As a result of the mesh, they don’t offer as much protection as premium leathers or textiles. And you wouldn’t want to take one a track day.

But generally, they offer CE approved armour in the elbows and shoulders. Occasionally, they also come with back protection – or at least a pocket to add some as an option.

Whilst they don’t offer as much armoured protection as regular bike jackets, you could argue that they provide more protection in the realm of preventing heat exhaustion and dehydration.

It depends on how you look at it.

Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo summer jacket - collar logo
Mesh motorcycle jackets can prevent heat exhaustion

What To Look For In A Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Surface Area:

The amount of mesh varies from jacket to jacket. Some have a few strips at body hotspots – such as under the arms or across the back and shoulders. These generally offer better weather protection and armour.

Others, such as the Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 motorcycle jacket have entire panels of mesh. These offer greater heat regulation but less protection from the weather.


Look for a mesh motorcycle jacket that is fitted. Ideally, you want a little bit of space so that air can freely circulate to keep you cool and disperse heat.

But it shouldn’t be so loose that everything is flapping around when you ride.

It’s also worth noting that you can still add layers underneath a mesh motorcycle jacket.

Oftentimes, it’ll be colder in the morning’s and evening’s, but peak heat is during the middle of the day. Therefore, leaving space for a layer gives you the best of both worlds.

rider with motorcycle jacket
You can still add layers under the Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo jacket

Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2: Overview

One of the things I love about this Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 motorcycle jacket is its subtlety. It isn’t in your face or singing and dancing with features.

As a result, it’s a stripped-back jacket that does exactly what it’s supposed to – and nothing more.

In black, it looks classicly understated.

Functionally, its main purpose is to keep you cool. And it does that brilliantly thanks to the huge amounts of mesh on the chest, back, shoulder, and arms.

Once moving, you can feel the breeze on the whole of your body – which is a joy on hot, summers days.

The jacket iself looks good – fitted and minimal. It has one main (chunky) zip, two zipped hand pockets and a zipped inner pocket.

But it does its job incredibly well – I have zero complaints.

Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo motorcycle jacket zips
Chunky, glove-friendly zips


As with a lot of summer-specific motorcycle products, the price of the Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 motorcycle jacket seems to yo-yo depending on the time of year.

At the time of writing, I found this jacket at multiple online stores from a range of £91 to £139.

If you find this for less than £100, it’s possibly the best budget mesh motorcycle jacket you’ll find.

Weight & Fit

The Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 motorcycle jacket is super lightweight, even with the included shoulder and elbow protection.

As with most Furygan products, it runs small. If you’re usually on the cusp of two sizes, I would recommend opting for the larger size.

summer motorcycle jacket mesh panels
The Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo is lightweight

Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2: Details

  • CE homologated
  • High tenacity polyester and Air Mesh ventilation
  • Furygan Skin Protect lining
  • D30 protection at the elbows and shoulders
  • Back protector pockets compatible with Level 1 (central back) and Level 2 (full back) protection (sold separately)
  • Reflective detailing
  • Polymesh lining for comfort
  • 2 zipped hand pockets and 1 zipped inner
  • Adjustable at the waist, wrists, and arms
  • Snap claws to link to trousers
  • Press-stud collar closure
Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo cuff details
Cuff detailing and mesh

Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2: Conclusion

This mesh motorcycle jacket from Furygan is a jacket for those who know exactly what they want.

If you’re the sort of person who travels with each of your 94 pockets stuffed to the brim, this jacket isn’t for you!

But if you enjoy touring with a minimal setup that doesn’t encumber you, then you definitely need to check it out.

And it’s not just touring. I use mine for commuting and day rides, too, and it works just as well.

A word of caution though. If you’re setting off early (when the temperature is still cool), you might need a thin layer underneath until the temperature rises.

In terms of the style and fit, I find it ideal. I’m not a ‘flashy’ sort of person, and the understated style suits me just fine.

Functionally, it doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. But what it does do, it does flawlessly.

Would I recommend it? Yes, all day long!

Motorcycle Tourer Star Rating: Furygan Genesis Mistral Evo 2 Jacket

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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