Furygan Adventure Suit Review: 5,000 Miles In The Arctic Circle

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I’ve been a quiet admirer of Furygan for a while now. I enjoyed wearing their Mistral Evo 2 mesh jacket so much that I bought another when the first one came to the end of its natural life.

And I did the same with the TD12 mesh gloves. I was so happy with their performance that I simply bought another pair when the first ones started to fall apart.

So when Furygan suggested we test their new adventure suit (along with their new Volt summer gloves), we were more than happy to accept the challenge.

And with a month-long trip to Norway and the Arctic Circle planned, where better to test a suit that promised warmth, ventilation, versatility, and waterproofing?

So that’s what I did. I took the new Furygan adventure suit on a 5,000-mile roundtrip from the UK to a very wet and windy Tromsø – Europe’s most Northerly city.

Here’s how it faired!



  • Lightweight
  • Impressive waterproofing
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Can be used year-round


  • No back or chest protection as standard
  • More colour choices would be nice
  • Fit may be an issue for some



Unboxing The New Furygan Adventure Suit: First Impressions

  • Visibly high quality
  • Attention to detail – clearly well thought out and designed
  • Value for money
  • Noticeably lightweight compared to traditional textiles
  • Lightweight, well-designed gloves

Price & Colour Options

The jacket and pants are currently available in two colours:

Coffee / Pearl / Khaki (left) | Blue / Grey / Anthracite (right) – Images: Furygan

The gloves are available in three colours:

(Left) Black / Red | (Middle) Black / Black | (Right) Black / White – Images: Furygan

Furygan Adventure Suit: Construction

The suit is comprised of high tenacity, 3-layer laminated polyester construction. Both the jacket and pants also feature a fixed mesh lining with removable thermal liners – making them versatile enough for year-round riding.

Even with the liners inserted, this Furygan adventure suit is noticeably lighter than many traditional suits. As a result, it’s certainly comfortable enough to wear on all-day rides.

However, remove the liners for summer riding, and it’s supremely light compared to its competitors. It’s a pleasure to wear, exceptionally comfortable, and versatile.

In terms of the build quality, Furygan doesn’t disappoint. Whilst not quite as expensive as more premium brands out there, the combined price of this suit isn’t cheap.

But you can see the quality in the construction of the products – the finish is very high, and the attention to detail is second to none.

Another nice touch is the neoprene collar which aids in fit and comfort.


If I was to be selfish, I’d say Furygan has done a fantastic job of making products (in general) that fit me perfectly.

But – and this is a big but – I’m 6 feet tall (around 1.82m) and weigh a little over 10 stone (65kg.) So I’m tall and lean.

In most motorcycle clothing, I can get away with wearing a size small (especially on the top.) But I couldn’t even get the Furygan Voyager 3C jacket over my arms in a size small!

The medium size fit me but left no room for additional layers. So I went for a size large – a two size increase from my regular sizing.

With the Furygan Discovery pants, I couldn’t get the small over my waist. But size medium fits me perfectly – mainly because I don’t often wear layers under my riding pants.

In short, this suit seems to have been modelled on someone with a lean, athletic build. If this isn’t you, sizing up could be a complicated affair. I would recommend buying multiple sizes (and returning the ones that don’t fit) or finding a store that carries various sizes to try on.

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Furygan Adventure Suit: Adjustments

Additional provisions are provided on the jacket and pants for individual adjustments to the fitting.

On the Furygan Discovery pants, you’ll find adjustable velcro straps to bring in any slack at the waist. You’ll also find press studs at the lower thighs, upper calves, and ankles for the same reasons.

At the ankle, a zip closure system runs from the back of the ankle to the mid-calf to adjust the fit around your boots.

As for the Furygan Voyager 3C jacket, there are velcro straps at the hem to bring in the loose fabric at the bottom. And there are also press studs on both the upper arms and forearms.

At the cuff, there is a simple yet functional velcro fastening system which is easy to use and alter.

One issue I do have with the cuffs is that I struggle to get the cuff over gauntlet-style winter gloves.

This means I have to put the gloves over the jacket cuff – which isn’t ideal if it’s raining.

Furygan Discovery Pants & Braces

The Discovery pants come with optional braces – a feature I initially intended to remove.

In my experience, braces on heavy textile pants simply transfer the weight to my shoulders and neck – making for an uncomfortable day of riding.

But as the Furygan Discovery pants are so light, the braces work perfectly.

The rear flap is zipped to the waist of the pants and runs midway up the back. This provides an element of comfort and warmth as well as a secure fitting.

All-in-all, I’m a convert to braces! The system on these pants works incredibly well, and I now have no intention of removing them.


As part of my research for this post, I noticed one or two reviews that stated this Furygan adventure suit wasn’t waterproof under testing.

And I have to say, I found this surprising – especially as one of them was from someone who had only completed a few hundred miles throughout the spring and summer months in the UK.

As mentioned above, I wore my suit for the entirety of my 5,000-mile trip from the UK to the northernmost tip of Norway and back again.

And one of the downsides of this bucket-list ride was that it rained – a lot. In fact, I pretty much spent a month getting wet.

Just to clarify, I’m not just talking about passing showers here. The rain was torrential and relentless – often lasting for entire rides of 7-8 hours.

If there’s one thing that was comprehensively tested on numerous occasions throughout this trip, it was the waterproofing.

And I have to say, it never once let me down. I checked the liners and layers I was wearing underneath the suit after every wet ride, and they weren’t even damp.

Whilst some people out there have had issues with the waterproofing of this suit, it hasn’t been the case for me.

This Furygan adventure suit kept me bone dry for the full 5,000 miles. In my view, it’s one of the main aspects it should be commended for.

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Furygan Adventure Suit: Performance In The Cold

One of the big plus points of this suit is that it can be adapted to ride in all weathers.

When the weather is cold, it performs well thanks to the removable liners.

Again, I’ve read reviews that state the suit feels cold when the temperature drops. However, the coldest temperature I encountered in Norway was 3 degrees – and I wasn’t overly cold despite only wearing a base layer and mid layer underneath the jacket.

The solution to this problem is layers. If it’s cold, wear appropriate layers underneath the suit in the same way you would do with any other adventure suit.

All-in-all, I felt this adventure suit performed well in colder climates.

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  • lofoten-fjord-pocket
  • Furygan-adventure-suit-lofoten-fjord-arm-pocket

Ventilation & Airflow

On the opposite end of the spectrum is riding in warmer weather – an extreme I was more concerned about with this suit.

Whilst it was cold and wet in Norway, Europe was experiencing a heatwave when we were riding to and from Scandanavia.

This is where the clever ventilation system utilised by this Furygan adventure suit came into its own.

In fact, the ventilation is so good that I ended up zipping some of the panels back up as I was getting too cold!

On one of the only warm days we enjoyed in Norway, I removed the liners and went out with all the vents open. And within a few minutes, I had to pull over to zip them back up again – such is the effectiveness of the system.

The secret to this suit is to only open as many vents as you need. For me, this usually meant opening the ones I could reach so I could zip them back up again whilst on the move if I got too cold.

There are eight vents on the Furygan Voyager 3C jacket – two large chest panels, two smaller panels on the outer chest, one at each arm pit, and two large back vents.

On the Furygan Discovery pants, there is one mid-sized ventilation panel on each thigh.

The ventilation and airflow system on this suit is one of the standout features.

Furygan Adventure Suit: Protection

As you would expect from an adventure suit at this price point, the jacket and pants come with good-level protection – certified to EN 17092 Level AA.

Furygan’s D30 protection absorbs impact with incredible efficiency. But crucially, it’s flexible enough for everyday riding and comfort.

D30 Level 1 protection can be found as standard on the elbows and gloves of the jacket, as well as on the knees and hips of the pants. 

Additionally, there are options to buy D30 chest and back protection. 

Should these come at standard? Perhaps. At this price point, it would be good to see the Furygan Voyager 3C jacket include the back protector – if not both the back and chest protectors.

It’s also worth noting that the jacket is ready to accommodate Furygan’s own airbag system. But be aware you may need to go up another size if you plan on including this feature in your setup.


One thing you won’t be short of with this suit is pockets! The two main hand pockets on the Furygan Vosyager 3C jacket feature storm flaps that are secured by velcro and are quite large.

There is also a small zipped pocket on the upper left arm.

On the fixed liner (beneath the removable liner) you’ll find two smaller pockets with velcro fastenings. And on the rear of the jacket is a large map pocket secured with a storm flap and velcro.

Finally, on the left chest pocket, there is a dedicated waterproof pocket for items such as a passport, phone, or wallet.

I tested this by putting a packet of cigarettes in there. And I can categorically confirm that they stayed bone dry even on the wettest of days!

For the Furygan Discovery pants, there are two zipped hand pockets at the waist, another waterproof zipped pocket on the left leg, and a transparent document pocket on the right leg.

Furygan Volt Leather/Textile Gloves

As mentioned at the head of this post, my old TD12 gloves were replaced with the new Volt gloves.

Compared to the old TD12’s, the new Furygan Volt gloves are more of a mid-length glove and come a little further up the wrist.

And in a change to composition, they feature goat leather in combination with mesh panels to provide comfort, protection, and ventilation.


The Furygan Volt gloves also offer more protection than the TD12’s. This is due to the reinforced leather on the palm and a protective shell on the back of the hand. There is also a slider on the palm.

If you’re interested in the specifics, these gloves are rated PPE Level 1 and satisfy EN13594 standards.

Furygan Volt Gloves: Ventilation

In terms of ventilation, these gloves feature tiny mesh vents atop each finger to enhance airflow throughout the glove.

And whilst they’re nowhere near as airy as the TD12’s, they do a better job of providing a compromise between ventilation and protection.

Adding to the ventilation are tiny perforation pockets at the wrist fastening.


These Furygan Volt gloves are also a step up in comfort compared to the TD12’s. Goat leather is notoriously comfy and provides excellent abrasion resistance. It also beds in well over time.

The new gloves offer a comforting and unresisted feel when riding, thanks to the suppleness of the goat leather and the elastic finger inserts.

Added to this is a simple velcro wrist fastening which is easy and convenient to use with minimal faff.

At the index finger, you’ll also find a ‘Furygan sensitive science insert’ that allows unrestricted use of devices.


As mentioned with the Voyager 3C jacket and Discovery pants above, getting the right size Volts might be a bit of a minefield!

According to the sizing guide, I should be a medium. But I ended up needing a large.

I would consider going up at least one size if you have chunky hands. Better still, find a store that stocks multiple sizes so you can try them out for yourself.

Furygan Adventure Suit: Verdict

If you compare this adventure suit to its competitors, it’s on the higher end of the mid-priced spectrum.

And when you consider the features and quality of the textiles, they certainly provide value for money.

With the liners in and the vents closed, the jacket and pants offer excellent warmth, comfort, and waterproofing.

But with the vents open and liners removed, this Furygan adventure suit turns into a full-on summer suit with excellent ventilation and airflow.

For a mid-range adventure suit that can be used year-round, this offering from Furygan is a fantastic option.

The D30 protection is a clever choice – offering protection whilst maintaining comfort and flexibility.

But it would be nice if the jacket was more in line with its competitors and came complete with a back protector.

While others have criticised the waterproofing capabilities of this new adventure suit from Furygan, for me, it was one of the biggest positives of riding in Norway!

Also worthy of a mention is the excellent ventilation system. I’m still amazed how it can be so warm and yet so cool at the same time.

Finally, the Furygan Volt gloves are comfortable, airy, offer more protection than the TD12’s, and are worth the extra few pounds for the compromise between temperature regulation and protection.

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Furygan Adventure Suit: Conclusion

Testing the Furygan Voyager 3C jacket and Discovery pants was a gamble on this trip to Norway. 

If it had leaked, I would’ve been in trouble. If it hadn’t been warm and insulating from the elements, I would’ve been in trouble.

And given the heatwave we endured both to and from Norway, I would’ve been in trouble if the ventilation wasn’t up to scratch, too.

Unfortunately for us, we chose a bad year to tour Norway. When we spoke to the locals, even they conceded that it had been a bad summer!

The weather wrecked multiple bits of kit. A lot of clothing failed. Gloves were ruined. And even smartphones and sat navs were decimated by the constant, driving rain.

But through it all, this Furygan adventure suit never let me down.

It kept me dry in the almost constant downpours. It kept me warm as we made our way through the near-freezing temperatures of the Arctic Circle.

And on the way back, the ventilation system kept me cool as we made our way through the UK in stifling 35-degree heat.

On a trip that tested me, my kit, and (often) my sanity, this adventure suit from Furygan never let me down.

And for that reason alone, it’s a big fat 5 stars from me!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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