The Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets in 2023

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Are we ever really happy when it comes to the weather? I mean, really?

I’ve spent most of this year telling people I’m sick of the rain and the cold. And now we’re halfway through June, I’m moaning about the relentless 30-degree heat.

Don’t get me wrong. We all like to strip away the liners from our jackets and pants and hit the road feeling fresh and free.

But sometimes, removing the liner isn’t enough. We need more. And this is where the delight of mesh motorcycle jackets comes into their own.

I’ve ridden with the Furygan Mistral mesh motorcycle jacket for years now. It changed my riding to the extent that I bought another one when the original jacket came to the end of its life. If you want to read a more in-depth review of the Furygan Mistral, you can do so here: Furygan Mistral 2 Real-World Review.

If you haven’t ridden with a mesh jacket yet, I highly recommend giving one a go. Team it up with mesh summer gloves for the ultimate airy ride on those unforgivingly hot days.

The Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets in 2023

Furygan Mistral Evo 3

furygan mistral 3 mesh motorcycle jacket

As mentioned above, I’m a bit of a Furygan fanboy. I find their stuff to be of great quality and reasonably priced, and I like their attention to detail. I’m currently on my second Mistral 2, but I will replace it with the new Mistral 3 when it comes.

Where many summer jackets feature mesh pockets, the Mistral has a high ratio of mesh panels, making it one of the coolest jackets you can buy. Anything under about 20 degrees, it’s probably a little too cool.

The highlight of this jacket is its enhanced airflow and ventilation. But I also love the Skin Protect lining, which stops the material from rubbing on your skin – especially if you’re a bit sweaty after a day in the saddle.

As far as jackets go, they’re pretty minimalist and stripped down, with just two external pockets (zipped) and two smaller internal pockets (one more than on the Mistral 2.)

You’ll find poppers on the biceps to adjust for flapping and simple velcro fasteners on the wrist. Pro Tip: undo the velcro around the wrist while cruising to get a cool breeze wafting up your arm.

Another reason I love this jacket is that Furygan hasn’t scrimped on the protection. You’ll find CE-certified D30 protection at the elbows and shoulders, and whilst it doesn’t natively come with back protection, there is a pocket at the rear which will accommodate it.

Finally, this thing looks good! All Furygan products seem to suit those who are slimmer or more athletic. If this is you, team the Mistral with a pair of armoured jeans in the summer for a functional and stylish solution.

The Furygan Mistral 3 is our mesh motorcycle jacket of choice for out-and-out value. It ticks all the boxes, and at £129, it’s worth every penny.

Knox Honister Armoured Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Knox Honister Armoured

Okay, if you’ve got money to burn, this option from Knox is another classy choice. Yes, it’s expensive. But when you look at it, you can see why. And if protection is your biggest priority, this might be what you’re looking for.

The entire thing is a labour of love for Knox, who designed the whole jacket around protection and ventilation.

From the standpoint of keeping cool, the Honister combines mesh and Cordura that keeps you cool, allows ventilation, and is water-resistant.

But the real talking point is the armour – which is Ce-approved Class AAA – the highest possible rating. To take it a step further, the SMART technology in this armour stays soft to the touch but locks into place on impact, reducing energy passed through to the back and limbs. Very clever.

You’ll also find Knox Micro-Lock high-performance armour in the shoulders and elbows. And unlike most brands that offer back protection as an option, it’s provided as standard with the Honister. Chest protection is optional, but the jacket comes ready to accommodate the optional Micro-lock chest protection.

As with the Furygan Mistral, the Honister is somewhat fitted, and you may need to play with different sizes to find the one that fits you best.

It’s a great all-round choice for those who value safety and protection. But at £380, it’s undeniably expensive.


rst s-1 ce mesh motorcycle jacket

If you’re a fan of RST products, check out the S-1 – a great value-for-money jacket that does exactly what it says on the tin.

You’ll find a durable MaxTech outer shell mixed with mesh inserts for optimal airflow. But we also like the removable SinAqua waterproof liner which gives you extra confidence if the heavens open mid-ride.

The neoprene collar is soft to the touch and does a good job of not irritating your skin when the temperature rises, and it comes with CE-approved armour at the elbows and shoulders as standard. It doesn’t come with back protection, but a pocket will accommodate it if you wish to buy it as an extra.

Merlin Rigger D30 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Merlin Rigger D30

I’m a big fan of Merlin, and they offer some great products. And this Rigger jacket is another string to their bow.

It’s a bit pricey, but it could be exactly what you’re after if you’re more of an urban/weekend rider.

One of the biggest differences between the Rigger and the above jackets is the use of cowhide – which gives the jacket a classic look.

The leather is also mixed with mesh panels for airflow and breathability. You’ll find D30 level 1 protection at the elbows and shoulders and provisions for D30 Viper back protection (available separately.)

Finally, I love the hood! It won’t be to everybody’s taste – so it’s a good job Merlin made it detachable. I love the hood, and it adds to the look of this urban-style mesh motorcycle jacket.

Icon Mesh AF CE Motorcycle Jacket (SBS & RZ)

icon mesh af ac mesh motorcycle jacket

Icon isn’t a brand I’ve come into contact with throughout the years. But having recently bought a pair of their summer gloves, I was inclined to research their summer jackets, too. And I have to say, I’m impressed!

Style-wise, it doesn’t do it for me. But you might love it – to each their own! Objectivity aside, the Mesh AF combines a durable 300D polyester outer with iron weave mesh panels to give both durability and ventilation.

As with most mesh motorcycle jackets, it’s pretty simple. But it does come with excellent D30 removable protection at the back, shoulders, and elbows.

This could be the perfect choice if you’re used to wearing a leather jacket and want something a little lighter for the summer.

Klim Induction Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Klim Induction Pro

Okay, let’s be honest. Most people can’t afford this offering from Klim. If you live in the UK, where you’ll only use it for one month out of the year, it’s probably not worth the money. But it’s an excellent choice if you tour a lot in warmer climates and have money to burn.

As you would expect, everything about the Induction Pro is top quality. It features 750D Cordura panels for robustness and durability, Karbonite industrial-grade high-strength mesh panels for airflow and ventilation, and additional goat leather reinforcements at the elbow.

Further protection can be found via the D30 CE level 2 protection (vented) at the shoulders and elbows, and it also comes with D30 level 1 back protection.

Finally, it comes with at least five pockets! We think the colour to go for is Asphalt and Redrock as the rest look a little bland for £540!

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets for Women in 2023

Rev’It Ladies Eclipse

rev'it! ladies escape mesh motorcycle jacket

If you’re a fan of the classic-cut summer jacket to wear with jeans, we highly recommend this offering from Rev’It, which at £99 is an absolute bargain.

Like the Furygan option, the Eclipse is pretty basic, but it does exactly what you need. You’ll find a polyester 600D construction for lightness and durability and generous mesh panels for ventilation. It also features Knox Lite CE protection at the shoulders and elbows and provisions for CE level 2 protection (available separately.)

There are adjustable hip straps and tabs at the upper arms and wrists for fit.

The Eclipse is excellent value for money – perfect for those with short summers or who want to dip their toe into mesh motorcycle jackets.

Tucano Urbano Flowmotion Ladies Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Tucano Urbano Flowmotion Ladies

This is an excellent choice for female riders looking for the chic, urban look of the Merlin Rigger above.

This aviator jacket features 3D summer mesh construction and lining and a hood with an ‘anti-flapping’ system.

You’ll find CE-certified Aerosoft protection at the shoulders and elbows and a dedicated pocket for optional CE D30 level 1 back protection.

Team it up with some riding jeans and a pair of summer boots, and you’re onto a winner!

Dainese Ladies Air Tourer Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

dainese ladies air tourer mesh motorcycle jacket

If you’re a rider who likes to tour, the Air Tourer is a fantastic option for those looking to put in the miles. Specifically designed for women, the Air Tourer features an outer construction of abrasion-resistant Cordura and large mesh inserts for ventilation and airflow.

On the inside, you’ll find a removable windproof later – allowing protection from the elements on colder days or relief from warmer ones.

As with the others on this list, there is CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection and accommodation for G1 or G2 back protection (sold separately.) There is also a pocket for optional Dianese Pro-Armour chest protection.

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