10 Top Dual-Sport & Adventure Motorcycle Helmets In 2022

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Last updated: 2 November 2022

It’s no secret that you can go off-road wearing a road-going, full-face helmet. And you can also wear an adventure motorcycle helmet on the autobahn.

But neither is ideal.

If you’re planning on doing a full off-road tour, you’ll be better off investing in an adventure motorcycle helmet made precisely for the job.

Sticking to tarmac? Great, then take a normal full-face or modular helmet.

But what if you intend to do a bit of both? Then maybe a dedicated dual-sports helmet would suit you best.

Well in that case, here are 10 of the best dual-sports and adventure motorcycle helmets for your next tour!

1. Klim Krios Pro Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

klim krios - adventure motorcycle helmets

Find the Klim Krios Pro here:

The latest offering from Klim is the Krios Pro. And it sees some pretty major updates on previous models.

In that carbon fibre shell lies some incredible technology! Not only is it constructed from lightweight carbon fibre, but it’s also the first street-going helmet to use Koroyd material.

And that’s a big positive. Because Koroyd is a lightweight composition that absorbs up to 48% more energy during an impact.

On top of that, it ventilates well, which ensures a smoother, more comfortable ride. On the inside, you can expect to find Klim’s Klimatek moisture-wicking liner, which is also antibacterial and removable.

But it’s not just the composites that are beneficial to the structure.

The Krios Adventure boasts fully adjustable forehead and chin vents. And refined aerodynamics improve stability at speed whilst keeping noise levels down.

Out of the box, this is the only helmet that can be converted for four individual uses: adventure, dual-sport, off-road, and street.

Lastly, the helmet is DOT and ECE-rated and is compatible with multiple comms systems.

Weight: 1,300g

2. Arai XD-4 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

arai xd-4

Find the Arai XD-4 here:

We’ve always been fans of the original Arai X4 – long since considered the grandfather of adventure motorcycle helmets. But recently, we find ourselves drawn to the newer XD-4.

Built by one of the most advanced companies in the helmet industry, you can expect great features and the height of technological advancements. And with a long lineage of track-based racing helmets in its past, you know what you’re getting with an Arai.

We particularly like the 5mm peel-away liner pads, which allow you to tailor the fit exactly to your needs.

And it’s noticeably well-ventilated, too. The helmet has been aerodynamically designed to ensure air passes over the helmet and through the vents – keeping you cool whilst preventing buffeting.

Arai hedged their bets with the shaping of the helmet. But being oval-shaped, it will fit well for most people. Add to this the facial contouring system, and you have a helmet that is one of the most comfortable on the market.

Lastly, we love the adaptability of this lid. With numerous configurations available, you can use it as a regular full-face helmet, an adventure helmet, or for motocross.

Weight: 1,650g

3. Schuberth E1

schuberth e1 - adventure motorcycle helmets

Find the Schuberth E1 here:

There’s a lot to be said about the Schuberth E1 – an adventure-inspired model derived from the street-inspired C3 Pro.

The E1 is a modular helmet created by Schuberth to be aerodynamically and aero-acoustically optimal.

Constructed from fibre, the helmet also includes STRONG fibre construction. Furthermore, it has gone through the brand’s high-compression moulding process.

The E1’s design withstands noise and buffeting at high speeds – thanks to extensive wind tunnel testing. And speaking of stability, the spoiler is integrated into the shell to reduce vibration and movement.

On the interior, the E1 makes for a comfortable ride thanks to the conscious effort to reduce seams. The liner comprises Coolmax and Thermocool materials and is allergen-free, antibacterial, removable, and washable.

The micro lock chin strap ensures easy fitting. And variable venting promotes effective, adjustable airflow. Schuberth states that airflow in this adventure motorcycle helmet has seen an increase of up to 60%

The helmet comes with a built-in antenna to support Schuberth’s SRC-System Pro. Furthermore, it has large reflective panels on the neck roll and an integrated sun visor. Which is always appreciated!

With a visor opening only just wide enough to accommodate a pair of small goggles, the E1 sits on the ‘road’ end of the road-adventure helmet spectrum.

The benefits of this helmet are the acoustics, its quietness, and its comms ready. The flip-front is easy to use, and it’s a comfortable helmet to wear.

On the downside, it’s expensive. And it lacks ventilation at the rear, which can make it quite warm to wear.

Weight: 1,803g

4. AGV AX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet


Find the AGV AX-9 here:

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll be familiar with adventure motorcycle helmets by AGV. The AX-8 (the predecessor to the current model) has been around since 2011! And for good reason.

The newer version of this adventure motorcycle helmet comes with a redesigned ventilation system on the chin bar, which allows improved airflow from the front and back. The front closure can also be completely removed if required.

The basic composite of the AGV is carbon, fibreglass and Kevlar. But if you’re prepared to pay a little extra, you can have the entire thing crafted from carbon.

The biggest difference between the old and new models is the peak. And the one on the new edition is a bit of a whopper!

But AGV ensures us this increase in visor size has practical benefits. They include protection from bright sunshine and improving dynamics with the new shape and design.

The new AGV is Pinlock-ready (always a bonus) and comes with cut-outs to accommodate comms.

On the inside, the new AGV is comfortable thanks to the Shalimar materials, which give it a premium feel. The generic shaping of the helmet has also changed in comparison to the old one.

As you’d expect, the AGV is DOT and ECE-rated.

On the downside, this helmet isn’t the cheapest on the market. And the visor will be loved or loathed depending on your preferences.

We love the comfortable design and the addition of the Shamilar cheek pads. But despite AGV’s good intentions with the visor, we find it isn’t as sturdy or as aerodynamic as other options.

Weight: 1,540g

5. Shoei Hornet ADV Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Hornet ADV - adventure motorcycle helmets

Find the Shoei Hornet ADV here:

As with the AGV above, the Shoei Hornet is the newest in a long line of adventure motorcycle helmets. And it comes with some decent upgrades, too!

The latest model now comes equipped with the EQRS system, which allows quick and safe removal in the event of an accident.

A new visor and visor mechanism allows replacement without tools. However, we found it to be a bit of a faff.

Speaking of peaks, the one on this helmet is fixed. But that’s no bad thing; we thought it was excellent.

The helmet is made up of lightweight AIM+ shell construction. A multi-density EPS liner makes it comfortable for all-day riding.

For those who wear glasses, the cheek pads come pre-channelled. And it also comes with an integrated CNS-2 Pinlock.

Thanks to the wide visor opening, this helmet is goggle-friendly.

Weight: 1,610g

6. Bell MX-9 (MIPS)

Bell MX-9 (MIPS)

Find the Bell MX-9 here:

The Bell MX-9 is an entry-level lid that is a worthy option for those looking for an adventure or dual-sports-style helmet.

One of the major positives is that it comes with the Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which has recently seen further scientific benefits.

As well as being MIPS certified, it’s also DOT and ECE-rated.

The MX-9 is constructed from a lightweight polycarbonate shell which keeps the weight down. It also uses Bell’s own Velocity-flow ventilation system to keep you cool on the trails.

The peak can only go to two positions, and changing from one to the other isn’t a quick or easy fix. Removing the visor is a struggle, too.

That said, once the visor is removed, it can easily accommodate goggles.

On the road, we found it to be quite noisy. But with such a great price tag, a 5-year warranty and light composition, we’re willing to let that go!

Weight: 1,450g

7. Scorpion Exo-AT950 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion Exo-AT950 - adventure motorcycle helmets

Find the Scorpion Exo-AT950 here:

Another modular helmet, the Exo-AT950, does an excellent job of combining adventure versatility and flip-front convenience.

The AT950 boasts an advanced polycarbonate shell, a dual-density inner liner, oodles of vents, a drop-down sun visor, and integrated speaker cut-outs.

The peak is removable and allows riders to keep it on or take it off, depending on the conditions.

It doesn’t come with a Pinlock. However, there is an anti-fog coating on the visor.

Top and exhaust vents promote airflow inside the cockpit, while a dual configurable chin vent allows plenty of cooling options.

As you would expect, the AT950 is DOT rated and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Weight: 1,815g

8. Nexx X.WED 2

Nexx X.WED 2

Find the Nexx X.WED 2 here:

The lightweight multiaxial fibreglass shell of the Nexx X.WED 2 helmet provides incredibly high impact resistance. And the three-position upper vent in the ventilation system ensures appropriate air intake on the trails. 

When you’re done on the trails, head to the fast roads where the light and aerodynamic peak lessens buffeting and vibration. 

We particularly like that the peak is adjustable – enhancing anti-buffeting and wind noise based on personal adjustments.

The visor comes equipped with a Pinlock and can be removed quickly if required.

Another nice touch is added wind-stopper around the chin to prevent unwanted drafts and noise.

And the best bit? The X.WED2 is one of the only adventure motorcycle helmets that natively supports optional action cams so you can record every second of your adventure. Nice!

Weight: 1,550g

9. Nolan N70-2X

Nolan N70-2X - adventure motorcycle helmets

Find the Nolan N70-2X here:

We think Nolan is often overlooked, and this dual homologated adventure helmet with an ultra-wide visor and removable chin piece is no different.

On the outside, you’ll find a polycarbonate construction which is both light and durable. And on the inside, you can take advantage of the Clima comfort padding for additional comfort.

The integrated neck-roll has adjustment points for further comfort and is removable and washable.

Ventilation is taken care of via the large top vents, which force air around the head for cooling.

Lastly, you’ll find an ultra-wide anti-scratch visor with a fitted Pinlock. And the helmet comes prepared to accept N-Com intercom systems.

Weight: 1,750g

10. LS2 Explorer Carbon

LS2 Explorer Carbon

Find the LS2 Explorer Carbon here:

For what it is, we think the Explorer Carbon is one of the best adventure motorcycle helmets for ADV riders on a budget.

And it’s incredibly lightweight, thanks to its wide weave carbon fibre shell construction. I still can’t believe you can get a carbon fibre lid at this price point.

It’s also one of the only helmets designed with an oval-shaped head in mind. So if you have a longer, thinner noggin, this could be the helmet for you.

As expected, it has an internal drop-down sun visor. And the external visor is removable, as well as coming with a pre-installed Pinlock.

Ventilation is taken care of via the large chin and top air intake vents. And the airflow is managed via multiple rear exhaust ports and a channelled EPS liner.

Weight: 1,380g

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